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Duryodhan, Dushasana, Dhritrashtra are poll issues in the 2019 Mahabharat


New Delhi, May 08: In an election time charged with rhetoric, it is natural for political opponents to trade barbs by drawing unflattering comparisons with unsavoury mythological characters. With just two phases left for counting - on May 23 - the verbal duels are only intensifying further.

Now you may not be interested in mythology or the prowess of either 'Duryodhana' or 'Arjuna'. But both characters have certainly coloured the political campaign.

Duryodhan, Dushasana, Dhritrashtra are poll issues in the 2019 Mahabharat

Priyanka likens Modi to Duryodhan

This was started by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's comments against her father Rajiv Gandhi, said "the same kind of arrogance caused the downfall of Duryodhan". Likening the Prime Minister to the main villain of the epic Mahabharata, the Congress leader also warned that the country has never forgiven arrogance.

"They insult my family when they don't get any other issue. This country has never forgiven arrogance. History is proof of this. Mahabharat is also proof of this. This kind of arrogance was in Duryodhan too. When Lord Krishna went to him and put the reality in front of him and tried to talk to him, he tried to capture Lord Krishna too," Priyanka Gandhi said at a rally in Haryana's Ambala to campaign for the national election.

Mamata echoes Priyanka

Ridiculing Modi for promising people good administration, Mamata said Modi and Amit Shah were like "Duryadhana and Dushashan" - the two villainous brothers of Mahabharata.

Sushma Swaraj slams Priyanka Gandhi, Mamata for comparing PM Modi to Duryodhana

Amit Shah comes up with Arjuna to counter Priyanka

The reaction from the BJP was quick. Its president Amit Shah said in Bengal's Bishnupur: "Priyanka just called PM Modi Duryodhan'. Priyanka ji, this is democracy, nobody becomes 'Duryodhana' just because you called them so. The country will decide on May 23 who is Duryodhan and who is Arjun."

Yechury likens PM Modi, Amit Shah with "Duryodhana, Dushasana"

Communist Party of India-Marxist general secretary Sitaram Yechury called Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah - "Duryodhana and Dushasana", the characters of the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

"Of 100 Kauravas, you just remember the name of two brothers Duryodhana and Dushasana. In the world's biggest party, how many names do you remember? Modi-Amit Shah. What Kauravas faced in Mahabharata, the same situation is now panning out in political Mahabharata here," Yechury said.

JD(U) leader likens Misa Bharti to Shurpanakha

A leader of the ruling JD(U) in Bihar on Sunday stirred a controversy by comparing RJD president Lalu Prasad's eldest daughter Misa Bharti to Shurpanakha, the sister of the demon king Ravana who was depicted as a seductress in the epic Ramayana.

"(In the Ramayana) Bharat had marched to the forest and implored Lord Rama to return. But today, the situation is reverse. The younger brother is in a position of power, the elder one has been forced to live in exile and Shurpanakha is being denied even a small territory," Kumar tweeted.

Although the JD(U) leader took no names, his tweet was an obvious reference to the ascendance of Tejashwi Yadav as the party's de facto leader in the absence of Lalu Prasad, who is serving sentence in fodder scam cases.

'Sitas and Radhas in RJD'

Responding to Sanjay Singh's remarks, RJD spokesperson Vijay Prakash said that the JD(U) was a family of devils, a throwback to the Asuras, led by Ravana.

"We have Sitas and Radhas in RJD. On the contrary, JD(U) nurtures devils and evil spirits. These evil spirits only look for opportunities to harm others," Prakash said.

"Dhritrashtra" reference

In July last year, the Congress had referred to the PM as "Dhritrashtra" - the blind Mahabharata king.

"Sensing defeat in 2019 general elections, Prime Minister Modi has become blind like Dhritarashtra due to his lust for power. By spreading hatred and pursuing divisive politics, he is aiming to win the election," Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala had said, adding, "BJP's sole aim is to grab power. Power-hungry BJP is playing the role of Duryodhan."

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