Why I travelled from Bangalore to Delhi to vote for AAP

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December 4 was the most crucial day for Delhiites as they exercised their right to vote for the next leader of the national capital. After 15-year-old governance of Smt Sheila Dikshit led by the Congress, this time, there was a whiff of passion and enthusiasm among the voters of Delhi.

Like other young Delhiite voters, I along with my family members reached the polling booth and stood in an already long queue at around 3.30 pm. Within seconds, more voters started turning up as the voting was scheduled to be closed at 5 pm.

I was a voter from South West Delhi's Dwarka constituency, the pocket borough of Congress MLA Mahabal Mishra. Before 2013 assembly elections, Mishra was challenged by the BJP's strongman Pradyumn Rajput. But this time, he faced tough fight with newbie Aam Aadmi Party's (AAP) candidate Ravi Suryan.

In the voting queue, the interesting and unexpected thing that I witnessed was that there were many housewives who were not even literate and were carrying toddlers in their laps, were "actively discussing" about AAP.

While gossiping and sharing loud laughter, they were saying that this time, AAP will win! Hearing such things from ladies who rarely take interest in watching TV news apart from saas-bahu daily soaps was a surprising treat.

Some of them were even saying that they will vote for 'Jhaadu' (broom symbol) irrespective of the candidate. And 'Jhaadu' is obviously more familiar to women (especially housewives)!

Then, I also saw young students of colleges who came in groups with their friends to vote. Some of them were even voting for the first time. Their faces were full of visible curiosity, queries and excitement.

Besides, what they were discussing was Arvind Kejriwal- the man who garnered the youth attention. The students, many of them were from arts stream, were hoping for a change, a much- needed change for which they have been waiting for long and were expecting from the previous government.

During pre-poll election campaigns, the BJP and the Congress were considering AAP as a 'minute party' that could not affect the battle between the two giants.

But after the assembly election results were declared on December 8, the reality and truth was out in the open. Statistically, BJP emerged as the largest party 32 votes, AAP seconded with 28 votes and Congress was swept away in the oblivion with just 8 votes in the 70 assembly seats.

Earlier, Delhi's CM candidate from BJP, Dr Harshvardhan claimed that AAP is only a vote-killer. Similarly, AAP was embroiled into conspiracies days before the assembly elections, in an attempt to tarnish their image, but at the end, the 'young voters of Delhi' opened the eyes of both the BJP and the Congress by showing them, who they want their 'leader' to be.

Now, the real political drama is yet to unfold and only future knows that whether the BJP or the AAP will hold the power for next five years.

Another major thing that needs to be addressed is that Delhiites want a change where their voices are heard by their leaders, not just the blind rulers.

As an eye witness during the Delhi assembly polls, what I felt was that the people of Delhi want their city to be governed by the party, with the vision to connect with them in every possible way.

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