Danish Gangrape: What impression do we have on others?

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New Delhi
New Delhi, Jan 16: India is fast falling into a never-ending pit of defamation globally. With the increase in the number of sexual offences in Delhi, foreign ministries have decided to strengthen and sharpen the travel advice to India. The government of Denmark, perhaps, would be the first one to do so.

After the gangrape of the Danish tourist in India, the Danish government is considering to sharpen its travel advices.

"We have in our travel advice referred to the particular risk there is in India for sexual crimes. Obviously we will look at whether we need to sharpen it further," spokesman of the Denmark foreign ministry Ole Eberg Mikkelsen said.

It is rather shameful that India is presenting itself as a rape-infected country, throwing itself on the verge of dilapidation. Experts believe that this has already started affecting tourism as foreigners are apprehensive to travel to India anymore.

"We either travel in groups or do not travel at all. Delhi is getting worse by the day. You cannot trust anyone here. It is really unfortunate that a historical city like this is going down in its impression on others," said Helga, a tourist from Netherlands.

Martha, another tourist from Australia said,"Women tourists feel insecured even during the day. We got news of the Danish lady today. It is really unfortunate that women in this country are not safe. I personally travel to Delhi only to change flights. Although I love the city, I cannot have faith in it anymore."

Just a few weeks ago, a Polish woman was raped by a taxi driver on the Meerut-Delhi highway. She was accompanied by her 2 year old daughter. She was later abandoned near the Nizamuddin railway station. The Danish government, meanwhile, has ensured following-up the case of the gangrape victim and see to it that the guilty are punished.

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