Cong vs BJP vs AAP: A fierce triangular political contest underway

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The Congress's draft political resolution for the upcoming session of the All India Congress Committee is ready and the resolution aims to target the BJP and its failure to form government in Delhi in the recent polls. What is striking is that the resolution is silent on the Aam Aadmi Party's formation of government in Delhi.

Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh on Wednesday strongly condemned the attacks on the AAP's office in Kaushambi in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh and hit out at the BJP and Sangh Parivar. Other Congress leaders, including the party's possible prime ministerial candidate Rahul Gandhi, have been seen acknowledging the AAP's feat in the recent Delhi polls. But, surprisingly again, no Congress leader has been heard saying much about the beating up of AAP supporters by their own in Amethi, the constituency of Rahul Gandhi.

So what's developing?

Those who vandalised the AAP's office in Ghaziabad definitely did an ugly job. Whatever be the ideological differences, this is not the way to treat an opponent in a democracy. But the Congress perhaps made its politics obvious by criticising the right-wing protesters and not the violent act of its own supporters at Amethi. Both the national parties are clearly apprehensive about the AAP's potential ahead of the big polls and more than defeating either Rahul or Modi, the competing sides are thinking about how to handle Kejriwal.

The Congress is more flexible than the BJP in manipulating the 'AAP policy'

But the Congress's centrist politics is proving to be more effective in the powerplay than that of the extremists. The Congress has found itself in a not-so-bad situation in Delhi despite being relegated to the third place and has managed to stick to the ruling establishment.

The AAP, which also understands the politics of the middle-path better than the BJP, has discovered a compatibility with the Congress. The approaching Lok Sabha elections have made the AAP think about compromising with the Congress more than experimenting with the BJP for most parties in India feel apprehensive about tilting towards the 'communal' forces.

The AAP-Congress compatibility will soon see the Congress backing Arvind Kejriwal's party as a better alternative than the BJP and the AAP preferring Rahul Gandhi to Modi as the prime minister of India [Read: Prashant Bhushan prefers Rahul Gandhi as Indian PM over Modi]. But can the BJP and its affiliates afford to turn frustrated at the AAP's success story?

Kaushambi-like incidents can put the saffron strategists' plan to make Modi the prime minister in jeopardy. The unruly elements must be reined in so that Modi's valiant efforts to bridge his gap with the liberal sections do not go in vain at the last moment. For it that happens, the Congress will be the happiest lot, despite suffering the adverses in the recent assembly polls.

By challenging the bi-polar politics, the AAP has introduced a fierce competition in Indian politics and it can turn deadly at any moment. The party, which still doesn't has a strong organisation, must ensure that its security is in place. Its chief minister should also be forced to take adequate security after the Kaushambi attacks. The Congress and the BJP are seasoned parties and have a better capacity to tackle adversity. As far as the AAP is concerned, it has a lot to gain but also a lot to lose.

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