Clamour in Congress: Rahul has no leadership quality

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Rahul Gandhi
The Congress has yet not come out from the worst nightmare of crushing defeat in the recently-concluded Lok Sabha election, and after that the dissenting voices, questioning party vice-president Rahul Gandhi's leadership is really a matter of concern. The list includes loyalists like Digvijay Singh and AK Antony. They are now raising finger at top leadership and their style of working.

Some are saying gently and some voicing their dissatisfaction loudly but message is crystal clear, Congress workers don't like a leader who has no ability to lead and who considers power as a poison and has no idea at all that even lord Shiv swallowed the poison to save the humankind. Shiva took poison for the sake of others but Rahul Gandhi lacks enough courage to gulp the fact that his leadership is not acceptable to anyone.

But there is nothing surprising about it, as every one is well aware that he has it all in his genes, and immediate example is his mother Sonia Gandhi. He has learnt how to enjoy power without making himself answerable. How party president made erstwhile Prime Minister dance to her tunes everyone knows and dear son only carried the legacy forward. Anyway, this is past and let's talks about the present issue and merit of the statements given by various leaders.

Party veterans question Congress brand of politics

Big question on Rahul's leadership

Veteran leader Digvijay Singh who is considered to be in good books of Rahul Gandhi has said that by temperament he is not a ruling person. Although he did damage control exercise later stating what he meant was Rahul doesn't hanker for post but believes in giving voice to injustice. Now, one is not naive to understand the larger message in the statement.

Other party stalwarts like Shankar Singh Vaghela, TH Mustafa and PC George too have expressed their anger over party's performance, holding Rahul responsible for decimation in 2014 Lok Sabha election. Not only old guards but his young brigade is also questioning him.

"They did not have their ears to the ground and those with "no electoral experience" were "calling the shots", former Union Minister Milind Deora said. And what could be concluded from all of these statements are that Gandhi scion has no connect with the massages at all. He completely failed to understand the nerve of masses leading to big rout in election and that proves to be true if we will dissect some of the events of the pasts. Rahul Gandhi never spoke on big issues assertively except once on controversial Ordinance. But then after maintaining silence for days, suddenly you tear down the Ordinance that proves that you are not a decisive leader. His record in Parliament has been pathetic and data proves it. According to a report, Rahul languishes 17th from the bottom in the overall MP rankings and fifth among Congress's MPs. In five years of his tenure, he never asked even a single question. He never took things head on and recent example handing over of Parliamentary leadership to Mallikarjun Kharge is big proof of that. He could have taken the role and cornered Modi-led party on big issues.

Rahul Gandhi has not bothered to lodge strong protests on inept handling of Judges Appointment issue, Delhi University row then biggest of all price rises.

What is wrong with Congress?

The biggest issue with Congress is admission of truth. Nobody dares to voice hard fact and if someone tries to do that he is shown the door like TH Mustafa. Recently, senior party leader AK Antony, whose proximity to Gandhi family is well known said party faced defeat because of its inclination to minority communities and because of that people misinterpret their secular credentials.

"Some sections of society have an impression that the party is inclined to certain communities or organisations. People have doubt whether that policy is being implemented or not," said Antony, who is in charge of committee, entrusted the responsibility to find reason behind massive rejection in poll. His comment created massive uproar but fact of the matter he said nothing wrong. Probably, what he meant was party suffered because it wasted all energy in giving largesse to minority community and thus lost focus on other groups. Rather than accepting truth and work it upon, so called loyal leader of Gandhi clan uses this opportunity in proving their credentials.

Seeing Rahul Gandhi being pushed to wall, loyalist bangs them upon and said he has all attributes of good leader.

At a time when Congress is in disarray after shrinking of its political stake both in Parliament and States, it should accept things candidly. Focusing on State election, they should leave no stone unturned putting radical change in party. They should hammer seriously what went wrong and what could have been done. Rahul Gandhi should put all his energy in rebuilding party again. He should visit States where election is scheduled and take the stock of ground report. He should understand a leader leads from front and sets an example for others. Congress should wean whatever has left and use it for the betterment of party prospect. Otherwise they will have to face the same consequences again and again till they mend their ways.

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