ISIS attracted me: The story of Salman Mohiudeen

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The case of Salman Mohiudeen is yet another example to show the kind of interest that the ISIS has generated among the youth across the world. Highly educated with nothing really to complain about, Salman was arrested at the Hyderabad airport yesterday when he was all set to allegedly leave to join an ISIS training camp in Syria. [Hyderabad youth trying to join ISIS, nabbed]

The Hyderabad police which picked up him following an input from the intelligence bureau are currently probing to find out more details about his plans. He has reportedly confessed that he was attracted to the cause of the ISIS and hence had decided to sign up to join the outfit. [Karnataka terror plot: 2 more picked up for questioning]


The caliphate attracted me:

Hyderabad police sources tell oneindia that Salman said that it was the declaration of the caliphate that attracted him. We are treated badly in other countries and felt that the ISIS is the solution to our problems, he reportedly told the police.

The ISIS has declared the caliphate with Abu-Bakr Al Bhagdadi as its caliph. They have sworn to establish a global Islamic council and make the Sharia law compulsory.

This largely attracted Salman to the cause. I wanted to go there train and fight for them as I believe that they are doing a lot for Islam, he also told the police.

Denied visa by the US:

Salman pursued his masters in engineering degree from Houston. After a long stay in the US he was asked to get back to India after being denied a visa by the authorities over there.

He returned to Hyderabad in October last year and has been staying at an apartment. He showed no signs of any sort of radicalization and neither did he discuss any of his plans with his friends while in Hyderabad.

Outside his apartment which is on the third floor, there was a name plate which read Ahmed Mohiuddin (Engineer). However since yesterday in the morning it was locked.

It was only later after his arrest did the police arrive at his apartment and forced the door open. The police then collected some material which could be helpful for their investigation.

Planned with his wife:

The chat transcript which were tracked since November last year by the Intelligence Bureau created a doubt among the agencies. All through he was looking up sites pertaining to the ISIS and was trying to get in touch with their recruiters.

Howevever the chat transcripts revealed that he only discussed his plans with his wife, Nicky Joseph who later became Ayesha following her conversion.

He had met with British national Nicky alias Ayesha during his stay in the US. The two got married and lived together in the US. However he had to return after being denied a visa, but she stayed on there. Most of their conversations were on facebook in which they had decided that they would go to Syria together.

The ISIS is my answer he had said and she had readily agreed to accompany her husband. They were to meet up in Dubai and from there were to take a flight to Syria via Turkey.

The couple were extremely attracted to the ISIS:

The police say that they cannot tell clearly as to who played a bigger role in this radicalization process. Both of Salman and Nickey had shown keen interest in the ISIS and had planned it together.

During their chat they had discussed on the various modalities and now to reach Syria and also whom to contact over there. Both had discussed at length about their contacts and sources say that they could have been chatting up the Indian agencies with a fake handle all along.

The trap was set:

The Indian Intelligence agencies have been tracking Salman since November. The IB had launched operation Chakravyuh specifically for such cases.

His return from the US suddenly after being denied a visa is what upped the radar of the IB. His every chat detail was being followed and also the persons he met up with locally.

However under operation chakravyuh the IB does not direct the police to pick up the person immediately. They keep a watch and only when the person is trying to get out of the country is action taken.

Currently there are 140 such youth who are under the radar. Each one of them has been making plans to travel to either Iraq or Syria and join the ISIS.

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