By-elections in UP: Will Modi wave continue its magic or prove dampener?

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As voting underway for 3 Lok Sabha and 33 assembly seats across 10 States, parties must be weary about their future prospect. This stem from the fact that the result will set the pitch for coming Assembly election in two States Haryana and Maharashtra. The Election Commission on Friday had announced the two States will go for the polling on October 15.

Why crucial for BJP?

Stakes are high for Bhartiya Janta party, especially in Uttar Pradesh where it has to live up to its Lok Sabha performance. The saffron party with its alliance partner Apna Dal had got whopping 73 seats, trouncing Congress, Samajwadi party and Bahujan Samajwadi party to their lowest tally.

Though the confidence of the saffron party is bit shaken this time after recent by-polls' performance in Bihar and Uttarakhand, but then they will try to regain that lost confidence. The saffron party may have to face the spill over effect of Modi Government at Centre, which has completed 100 days recently.

People may not like to vote for party this time as nothing tangible has been done like inflation still high and moreover whole of the UP is battling with severe power crisis.

Without worrying about the fact that social harmony in the state, which is prone for such upheavals, BJP has done its best to infuse communal colour to this bypolls by waging a war against illegal conversion of Hindu women.

With the hope that Hindu votes will again put them in drivers seats, they religiously pursued Love Jihad campaign under the tutelage of firebrand leader Yogi Aditynath.

Will SP get reason for cheering up their mood?

Out of total 11 Assembly constituencies where polling is being held currently, at most of the seats including Noida, Saharanpur, Lucknow East, and Charkhari, BJP is in direct fight with SP. Though Congress is trying to make this a triangular contest but they themselves know that they are nowhere in the race.

After swallowing their pride in Lok Sabha election where they could manage only 5 seats, this will be a chance to redeem that lost glory. But then Akhilesh Government has done nothing credible which they could brag about. The law and order has hit the nadir during his regime. Hardly a day passes when untoward incidents doesn't come to the light, right from rape, murder to communal tensions.

According to Outlook data, during Akhilesh rule, a total of 23,569 incidents of crimes against women took place. Among them 8,440 cases are against State cops only. A total of 1,951 rape cases are reported with around 10 rapes happening every day. Reports say that total of 5,676 riots incident took place during his rule. Taking these data in account, does SP government has even right for asking votes.

Adding to these, reckless statements by various SP leaders will definitely prove to be a big repellent to the voters. Shirking away from their own responsibility by putting all blame on to BJP for the communal flares in State will not augur well among people.

Getting one or two seats will be a moral booster for Congress

Though Congress nowhere seems to be in game, but then if they will get one or two seats out of total 36 seats going for poll on Friday, they will find themselves more than happy.

Amidst the infighting between old guards and young brigade and lots of other controversies with which party currently is battling with, any good news will be a big morale booster.

The beleaguered Congress seriously needs some good news which will resuscitate the party.

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