BJP reduces RS gap with Congress; can Modi-Shah now build on alliance?

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The numbers in the Rajya Sabha have been the Congress's last remaining stronghold. But with the BJP now reducing the gap with the grand-old party to only three from 15 after the latest round of election to the Upper House, the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duo will feel much relaxed as opposed to the Gandhis. For the weak numbers there put up obstacles on the NDA government's way to go forward with major reforms.

It is not that the equation in the Rajya Sabha will hereafter tilt in favour of the BJP, but the reduction in the gap will certainly give a relief to the saffron party. It will now depend on the BJP leadership's capacity to build up on the question of political relationships.

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Is Congress also facing internal challenge?

The Congress, although will be represented by veteran leaders and former ministers like P Chidambaram and Kapil Sibal in the Upper House, but it has also faced internal problems during this Rajya Sabha election.

The party had expected lawyer RK Anand to win from Haryana but he lost to media baron Subhas Chandra after the ballots of 14 Congress MLAs were cancelled. Former Haryana chief minister Bhoopinder Singh Hooda was accused of sabotaging the polling leading to Anand's loss.

After the exit of former Chhattisgarh chief minister Ajit Jogi and veteran political Gurudas Kamat, Hooda could pose a new threat to the Congress high command, feel observers.

Another high-profile leader Kapil Sibal also did win from UP but the results were not fully satisfactory for the Congress as it was seen that he did not get the first-preference votes from all 29 Congress MLAs. It was because of Mayawati's support that he finally overcame the challenge of Preeti Mahapatra, an independent candidate, who was backed by the BJP.

The reduced gap with the Congress will make it easier for the BJP in its future legislative endeavours without locking horns with the Gandhis. Now, to what extent can Modi-Shah duo succeed in finding more partners in the Upper House is the question that demands an answer.

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