Bihar polls: Why the migrants don't want to vote?

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For Bharath Kumar and Shivshankar, the Bihar elections basically mean nothing. Speaking to both of them gives the indication that the large migrant population of Bihar may not return to their home state to cast their vote.

There are around 55 lakh persons from Bihar who have migrated to different parts of the country in search of an opportunity.

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Migrants not interested in Bihar polls

Let us not talk about these special packages or other polls promises, Kumar and Shivshankar who run a chaat shop in Bengaluru say. What Bihar needs is jobs and it is not a good feeling to come away so far away from our homes and work in new places.

Nitish Kumar is asking for packages, but is that the real solution? What Bihar needs is industries which will create job opportunities, Kumar and Shivshankar say.

We need jobs

The views expressed by both Bharath Kumar and Shivshankar reflect the view of almost all who have migrated from Bihar into various other states.

Bharath goes on to say, " I treat Karnataka as my own state now and have even learnt Kannada. I doubt that there is ever going to be any development in Bihar and going back there would mean visiting poverty.

Political parties speak about development, but the fact is that this time around too the caste factor is what will decide the outcome of the elections," he says.

As long as caste is a factor in the elections there is never any scope for development. Do you think Lalu and Nitish will be able to work with each other? They are poles apart and have come together only for power.

If at all they win, it is a matter of time before they start pulling each others leg, " Shivshankar adds.

Come to my home town at Darabhanga and you will see the real picture. What is spoken in Patna does not reflect in the rest of Bihar he adds.

Most migrants won't vote in Bihar polls

The general indication is that most of the migrants will not return to Bihar to caste their vote. A survey that was conducted in 2001 suggests that there were 55 lakh from Bihar who migrated to other states.

The number has not reduced today and could have easily gone up. Bihar continues to have a major share of problems and continues to be one of the most backward states in the country.

The Annual Survey of Industries states that Bihar accounts only for 1 per cent of the industrial workforce in the country. This means that until the year 2013, Bihar had only 3,345 industries which is 1.5 per cent of the total in the country.

This statistics are anything by encouraging which has led to several persons migrating out of Bihar.

Further there are other issues such as basic healthcare and educational infrastructure which have all contributed to the anger among the migrants who say that they were forced to leave their home state in search of jobs and food.

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