Bicentenary of Battle of Waterloo: Facts need to know about it

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The Battle of Waterloo, which marked the defeat of French military leader and emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), who conquered much of continental Europe in the early 19th century. Napoleon became emperor in 1804. He expanded his empire across western and central Europe.

Napoleon's defeat in the half-day battle against an overwhelming international coalition ended France's supremacy in the world and opened the British century with the biggest of bangs. Little wonder the French are still gnashing their teeth two centuries later.

Facts about battle of Waterloo

Below are the some facts need to know about Battle of Waterloo

  • The Battle of Waterloo fought on Sunday, 18 June 1815, was actually took place at Braine l'Alleud, south of Waterloo.
  • When the battle was fought, Watrerloo, which is now in Belgium, was part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • 23,000 British troops with 44,000 allied troops and 160 guns fought against 74,000 French troops and 250 guns.
  • The battle of Waterloo ended the centuries-old Anglo-French wars for control over Europe and marked the end of French domination over the continent. 
  • It had also marked the end of the hundred days of Napoleon from exile return. 
  • The battle was regarded as an influential battle of all time marking the Napolean Bonaparte's last and Waterloo Campaign.
  • Duke of Wellington, the British general who defeated Napoleon had twice served as British prime minister.
  • In a blunder, Napoleon waited until midday to give the command to attack in order to let the waterlogged ground dry after the previous night's rainstorm.
  • Napolean reportedly rode away from the battle in tears.
  • After Waterloo, Napoleon abdicated and later died in exile.
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