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Better sense prevails over Bollywood which has stayed quiet over JNU row

By Vicky

From Bollywood what one expects are some good movies. However in the past year, it seemed as though many actors from Bollywood wanted to have an opinion about everything and some of them took it to a whole other level when they made statements on intolerance.

Actors Aamir Khan and Sharukh Khan were caught in a major controversy when they made statements on intolerance. If one notices this time around during the JNU controversy, Bollywood has refrained from commenting and this does suggest that better sense has prevailed.


Money talks:

It had become fashionable for many Bollywood stars to have an opinion about everything. Many would make political statements and most of the time they sounded absolutely "stupid."

This was thanks to their lack of knowledge about the situation or the ground realities. And there is Twitter which provided a platform for most of these stars to voice their opinion.

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Be it the hanging of Yakub Memon, the Church vandalism in Delhi or the so-called intolerance debate. Most stars had something to say about it. What was funnier was that reporters covering the movie beat were specifically told to ask questions about such burning issues.

Although these opinions made no difference, it still did create a great deal of controversy which in turn indirectly benefited the Television Rating Points.

For a Bollywood actor it is not intolerance that hurts. What hurts is if their movie flops. Following a remark on intolerance made by Sharukh Khan there was an uproar and this affected his film Dilwale.

In certain places the movie was not allowed to be released and this hit the collection very badly. What we also hear is that it was his remarks coupled with the fact that he made a terrible movie is what led to the losses.

It seems that better sense has prevailed over most of the Bollywood actors. This time around there have been no remarks from anyone about the JNU incident.

While actors who are in responsible positions due to their huge fan following should take part in social causes, it would be greatly appreciated if they refrained from making remarks that are political in nature.

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