Project Hindutva: Are the Sadhvis, Yogis & Maharajs a threat to Narendra Modi?

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India is witnessing too many problems involving Babas, Sadhvis and Maharajs nowadays, both inside and outside the Parliament. Is the historic victory of Narendra Modi in the 16th Lok Sabha election being ruined by the saffron conservatives now? [Marketing Religion: Who does it and how?]

If so, the plot is certainly powerful enough to derail all the dreams and ambition of the prime minister who is leading a majority government after a gap of three decades.


The Yogis, Sadhvis and Maharajs have taken the BJP's win for granted

Recently, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti created a ruckus by remarking "Ramzaades and Haramzades" and then Sakshi Maharaj, the BJP MP from Unnao where a massive search operation for gold was undertaken last year, hailed the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi as a patriot.


Another BJP MP named Yogi Adityanath has also made the headlines at frequent intervals for making all sorts of controversial Hindutva-oriented statements. And there is of course the ubiquitous Babas who refuse to abide by the law even after grave charges surface against them and take the powerful state for a ride.


How much relevant are these people for the country's politics?

These people in saffron attires have no relevance in the country's political life and more than any favour, they ultimately damage the BJP's quest to emerge as an acceptable national alternative to the Congress.

The right-wing conservatism is an ailment that the BJP has inherited since its birth and there is a clear intention in the party to continue celebrating the conservatism even as Narendra Modi battles it at the top to cement his image as a liberal statesman. This inner contradiction in the BJP is a serious threat to itself.

This is not the 1980s and 1990s but the saffron fanatics remain prisoners of ideology

The Babas, Sadhvis, Yogis and Maharajs have come to prominence once the BJP returned to power with a bang in May this year. But the party needs to understand fast that this is not the 1980s or 90s and it doesn't have the luxury to execute the Hindutva project irrespective of its decisive numerical strength in the Parliament.

Prisoners of ideology and some impossible socio-political agenda, the saffron fanatics of the BJP are raising one issue after fed by a sense of hatred but with a liberal leadership at the top, the party can't really afford a set of hate-mongers as its legislators making up for the authority of the executive.

Modi can not allow his hard-earned reputation go waste

Prime Minister Modi has an urgent task in his hand and that is to rein in these sadhus and sanyasis from speaking their minds freely and preach hatred. Modi knows how difficult has his struggle been to reach the top. He knows it is the youth of the country and the promise for development that has helped him, rather tha BJP, to bag an absolute majority in the election.

Allowing loose words making rounds in the Parliament and actions that are by no means compatible to the spirit of pluralism is going to prove disastrous for the BJP and its post-Lok Sabha election project of spreading wings across the country.

After transforming his image, it is important for Modi to transform his party

The saffron motormouths seem to be determined to reverse the numerical advantage to the disadvantage of Prime Minister Modi. The first BJP prime minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee had an easier job for he led a coalition government which has its inherent checks and balances. Modi's government doesn't have that worry and the saffron brigade is taking the authority for granted.

There must be a way somewhere to tackle the temptation to strive for a Hindu India. And who else apart from Modi can deal with this in a regime which is only known by his name?

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