Addressing rallies: Rahul Gandhi has limitation and he knows about it

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Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi addressed yet another poll rally on Wednesday. At the moment, he is busy with rallies in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, and his speeches in most of the rallies sound the same.

Many say Gandhi lacks a good speech-writer. His same words like adhi roti, bhojan ka adhikar, poor staring at cars and aeroplanes fail to inspire the urban, educated audience. True. His rally addresses resemble those uttered in the 1980s and early 1990s. But somewhere, there is a positive about Gandhi's speeches and that is, he abides by his limitation.

India is yet to fully decode the phenomenon called Rahul Gandhi. He is often accused as immature and uninspiring but the point is: There is no point in levelling these charges against Rahul Gandhi for he has a big limitation and that is he is just another Gandhi.

Rahul speaks only about his family because that's what he knows the best

Rahul Gandhi looks out of place because India today has outgrown the institution called Gandhi. He speaks about his near and dear ones mainly because he has mainly been a private individual who never really explored the big and complex world of politics till he turned 34. On Wednesday, he spoke about the assassination of his grandmother and father.

It was a deliberate attempt to rake up these issues for the 29th anniversary of Indira Gandhi's assassination is not far off. Gandhi found an opportunity in the high-profile death of his beloved dadi to connect to the masses. Similarly he spoke about his father Rajiv Gandhi who was also assassinated. Then he said that he might also get killed.

There is no big reason for that yet the Congress vice-president said this for his only political capital involves the Gandhis and whatever ways they are related to the country's history. Sentiment is a very popular political currency in India and the deaths of the Gandhis still generate a big sympathy wave, which Rahul Gandhi knows very well.

Rahul Gandhi's idea about popular grievances is somehow related to the way he feels the pain about losing someone close. It is a selective preference of history for political murders don't take place in a vacuum.

They have a cause-effect relationship. But Rahul Gandhi skillfully turns the political murders into tragedies in an ill-fated family that leave its young members in great pain. There is no purpose in linking a young man's grievance with communal polarisation that Gandhi accused the BJP of indulging, but again as it has been said earlier, this is maximum political analysis that he can make, given his protected upbringing.

We don't know how long can Rahul Gandhi succeed in attracting the audience through such family stories as he has been saying. What is required more is vision on politics, economy and foreign policy punctuated with anecdotes and Rahul Gandhi is doing the reverse at the moment. He is trying to keep things simple for may be he doesn't quite have the grasp over complex issues. But politics has its own rules and regulations and can't be changed by an individual. Politics turned his beloved grandmother from Gungi Gudiya to Goddess Durga. Can it transform Rahul?

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