Cyber Terrorist Awlaki's radical preaching found in Carlie Hebdo & Mumbai's 26/11

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Anwar al- Awlaki is dead but his legacy lingers on. The Cyber Terrorist of the world based out of Yemen has been linked to the Charlie Hebdo case, with a foreign agency claiming that one of the terrorists had in fact met Awlaki a couple of months before his death.

The French agencies would have not reason not to believe that Charlie Hebdo attackers were not part of the Al-Qaeda. An intelligence report stating that the terrorist had met Awlaki and also the fact that during their attack they screamed we are Al-Qaeda in Yemen will all be proof to suggest their linkeages.


However what is more important here is that Awalaki has become a centric figure not just for the Al-Qaeda which he was part of but also the Lashkar-e-Tayiba which had told Kasab and the nine others to read what this man had to preach.

An engineer turned radical:

Born in the United States of America, Awlaki had shown no interest in his regular job. He had taken a keen interest in religious studies and in a very short span went on to become the most influential preacher in the world of terror.

We saw that his works were used by the Lashkar who had handed out reading material written by Awalaki to the ten terrorists. This is said to have changed them and motivated them no end. The same appears to have happened to Cherif Kauochi too who is said to have met with Awlaki during a short stint in Yemen.

It is also said that Cherif had read up a lot of material written by Awlaki during his 18 month stint in jail.

Awlaki was born to an influential father who was a minister in the Yemen government. Awlaki showed no interest in religious preachings, but during one prayer meeting everything changed for him.

Nervous speaker:

Awlaki in fact was an extremely nervous speaker at first. It is said that his role model Osama Bin Laden had once told him to build up on confidence when he spoke. He readily took that advise and went on to become the world's most influential speaker.

His speeches are like guides for terrorists and are repeatedly quoted by outfits aiming at radicalizing the youth.

Dead yet provocative:

The agencies across the world are having nightmares thanks to so many of his speeches being uploaded online. Although Awlaki had stopped making public appearences several years back after the heat on him was raised, his speeches were extremely viral online and continue to remain on the net.

Although he was averse to using the computer, he still earned the tag of the world's most dangerous cyber terrorist. Without touch a system he managed to influence terrorists from across the world as all his content was uploaded by team online.

The Indian dossier on Awlaki:

For Indian agencies too he has been a nightmare. The most provocative of all the material that in on the internet, Indian agencies in their dossier point towards an Awlaki written manual. The manual spells out 44 different ways of performing jihad.

In fact it was Awlaki who had suggested that this manual be uploaded online. This has become like a guide to all terrorists. Even during the trial of Cheriff he had said that he was convinced that there were many benefits in suicide attacks as narrated by Awlaki.

A text book in Pakistan madrasas:

The manual by Awlaki has become a text book in several radical madrasas in Pakistan. Indian agencies say that in some of the illegal madrasas in India too these manuals have been found.

In this manual he does not just speak about atrocities against Islam. He goes on to explain indepth the benefits of jihad and how it is pertinent to give up one's life in a bid to protect the religion.

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