First Telangana, now Hyderabad...and the journey goes on!

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Bangalore, July 31: The formation of Telangana might have its own reasons-be it political or social; I am not going by that. But to me and others like me, it just seemed like a dramatization of a child's adamancy for a toy that might have caught his fancy. I would not be surprised if my neighbour's 9-year old goes on a school-bandh the next time he had something to demand. Hold on, I am not saying this, but his mother!

UPA coordination Committee says yes to Telangana

Since morning, I am getting updates on people's reaction over the matter (rather irritating!) in my Facebook page. While most of them have taken it to their hearts, saying that the nation is being divided unnecessarily and that how bad it is for the unity and the 'integrity' of the nation..blah blah blah, I am just concerned about the little children who have to go through the haranguing exercise of learning the capital of another state...oops! not in this case, at least, as the two states-Telangana and Seemandra will have a common capital-Hyderabad.


But let's face the fact, what will happen when Saurashtra, Gorkhaland, Vidarbha, Harit Pradesh, Bodoland form? Sorry guys, there is no way you can escape your GK exercises.

Children would have another reason to sulk, their history books. Till now what they knew to be their native city/town/taluk, would be different suddenly. They would have a different 'culture', 'tradition', 'history' and so on and so forth. "Wonder what they would be serving in a Telangana thali," opines one of my journalist friends and ehem..ehem...I agree.

@bhogleharsha This is the culmination of a 6 decade long people's struggle for statehood. Justice delivered finally!

Coming back to the history books, children would be still confused regarding their capital city (pssst...if you didn't know, the two states are fighting over Hyderabad now) and the number of states that the country has (its 29 or 30? or probably 34?). Thank God! I am done with my education much earlier to this confusion.

Let's get serious now. I also saw some very sensitive and serious comments from my friends in Hyderabad. With pictures of an ultra-divided Indian map, I could figure out that this friend of mine was not very happy with the 'progress'.

Andhra leaders are crying that if Telangana is formed, their region would become desert. Doesn't that prove they robbed our waters till now?

I called him up to ask for his opinion and he said," Leave it da! at least they are not cutting me apart. When the decision was taken, I was sleeping in my bedroom-legs on the side of Seemandra and head in Telangana."

Very true; now that even Arnab Goswami has been silenced (by a letter from the Nation), who would voice our concerns? tch tch!

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