Learn from Emperor Bharata Dear Rahul, act wise at least once

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A senior Congress leader said on Wednesday that the Congress was poised to come to power for the third time in 2014 and the BJP was not able to digest such a possibility and hence their aggression in the Parliament. Before that, Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said reacting to reports about India and its leaders published in foreign media resembled a 'mental colonialism' and the Indians must get themselves rid of such baggage.

Both projections by Congress representatives show how much disconnected the partymen are from the reality. Leading a government tainted to a point of no return, it is absolutely foolhardy for any Congress leader to predict that the party would win the 2014 elections with ease. The BJP might have its own problems but that does not ensure a victory for the chief ally in the UPA.

That the Congressman's statement about winning elections is a zero-valued one has been confirmed by The Economist article on Rahul Gandhi, the future hope of the Congress, which said the 42-year-old himself wasn't aware about his own capability. What coming to power is Azad speaking about his party's future leader is not aware about his own capacity and stood exposed by the esteemed magazine?

Feel happy when foreign media slam Pakistan, right?

Tewari's advice to overlook the charges brought by the foreign media is equally blunt. When the foreign media slam dictators in Islamabad or Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, the same ruling class in New Delhi feel elated. And moreover, The Economist article speaks through the eyes of an Indian journalist Aarthi Ramachandran and hence can not be disapproved of as a 'colonial conspiracy'.

The continuous onslaught by the foreign media on top Congress leadership, including current Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (more than once) and now the future PM, Rahul, have left the Congress a rattled lot. The present is in a mess and it seems the future will never take off and yet the loyalists Congressmen are continuing to counter-attack the Opposition at home, saying 2014 will see them completing a hat-trick.

Who's mentally colonised?

Tewari's 'mental colonialism' theory befits his own partymen. With the party president and prime minister ageing and a veteran serviceman becoming the President, it is only Rahul Gandhi who falls in between the anti-Congress forces and the throne in New Delhi. But the leader has decided not to take the harder route and chose to keep himself away from the public domain. He is said to be organising the party's roots while there is virtually no recognisable head at the helm. Where should Rahul Gandhi locate himself? Does anybody know in the Congress?

This had to happen with the Congress one day, one might say. Today's Gandhis do not have the authority that Nehru or his daughter had wielded in the past and with the roots systematically destroyed over the years, there is very little chance for the party to find an alternative when its only hope, the dynasty, fails. The sycophants are of little use and can not do the party any organisational favour, leave aside giving any leadership and yet they accuse others of 'mental colonialism'!

Even Rahul Gandhi can not afford to rebuild the entire grassroot organisation of the Congress (his latest focus is on UP and nostalgia binds him only with that state) by himself if there is no network manned by sound ranks and files and a creditable leadership at the helm. Moreover, he has no strategy of coalition-building or even a proactive stance vis-a-vis the opposition.

He visited violence-hit Assam months after the problem had reached its peak and hasn't spoken a word to counter Narendra Modi, considered his competitor as the next Indian PM. No wonder regional parties like Samajwadi Party have attacked Rahul Gandhi, saying the latter is not fit to learn the nation.

Need to go back to the Emperor Bharata days?

Indian history was not always marked by shameless 'pursuit of power'. In the ancient days, Emperor Bharata (after whom the country has been named) had declared a commoner as his successor for he understood that none of his nine sons were capable to take forward his noble legacy. The legendary king had sowed seeds of democratic thinking but it was ruined by his successors in ages to follow.

The Congress under Nehru was a strong entity with sound grassroots and a creditable top leadership but was destroyed by Panditji's successors. The decline has neared its completion today and Rahul Gandhi will do a great favour to his party and the country if he marked beginning of a democratic transition to the Congress leadership which can nurture fresh policies, ideas and vision. Therein only lies the great organisation's only way to a future.

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