Desperation of Congress revealed in bid to make Modi sex CD

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The members of a secret task force formed by the Congress party have been assigned the task of preparing a fake sex CD that is to be used to defame Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, claims Dopahar Ka Saamna.

Narendra Modi

According to the afternoon edition of Shiv Sena's mouthpiece, the task force is made up of computer professionals especially those who have mastered digital techniques. A Tamil film actress and a female NDA functionary from Punjab are part of the elaborate plan, the daily says.

The duo has been given large sums of money for their services. Besides, a house was arranged for the woman politician in Chandigarh while the starlet was gifted a flat in Mumbai.

Both the women will allege that they had a physical relationship with Modi and allow their images to be incorporated in the CD, a Congress source apparently told 'Dopahar Ka Saamna'.

The article mentions a failed attempt by the opposition party in Gujarat to defame the three-time CM. Despite combing through numerous documents, the task force did not get sufficient material to implicate Modi in corruption cases and therefore decided to drag his name into a sex scandal just before the Assembly elections in Gujarat.

In order to dent Modi's chances of returning to power, the state Congress unit has also been asking disgruntled BJP leader Keshubhai Patel to raise the banner of revolt against Modi, the newspaper notes.

Already he has made some dissenting noises. As outfits instigating rebels to harm their political rivals is routine, Congress cannot be faulted on this count but its other strategy can never be condoned.

If what 'Dopahar Ka Saamna' has reported is true, then it is simply stooping too low. Should a party founded in 1885 be resorting to such despicable tactics? The answer is no but the Congress leadership seems to have a different view.

Clearly they lack belief in the party's winnability come 2014. Sonia Gandhi is said to be worried that her dream of installing son Rahul in the Prime Minister's chair after the next general elections may not be realised. Her concern is understandable.

The incumbent has disappointed one and all with his performance so far. The government's policy paralysis has been rued by not only leading industrialists, even the US President Barack Obama felt it necessary to offer Manmohan Singh gratuitous advice. He recently suggested that India would do well to initiate second-generation reforms.

Rajiv Gandhi's widow could perhaps learn from the mistake his sister-in-law Maneka Gandhi once made. The latter published some pictures of the late Jagjivan Ram's son Suresh in a compromising position but the angry father, using his influence as central minister, immediately ensured that the particular magazine Surya did not repeat the story.

The prevailing circumstances may be driving the Congress high command to desperation. However, that does not mean that they can start hitting below the belt. Hopefully they will realise their error in time.

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