Attack PoK, dimantle terror camps and get the land back

Posted By: Biswajeet Panda
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P Chidambaram
Bangalore, May 3: So with the killing of Osama bin Laden, the United States of America has avenged the September 11, 2001 attacks and to a certain extent has also fortified itself against any such attack. But then what about India where terrorist attacks have inflicted more damages than the United States or the European continent?

In an interview with a news-channel, Union Minister of Home affairs, P Chidamabaram, rued the fact that India cannot conduct an operation inside Pakistan, like the US did to nab its most wanted criminal. Its accepted given that India doesn't have a strategic alliance with Pakistan as the US has and neither does Pakistan feed itself of Indian aid like it does from the USA, but that shouldn't stop us from ensuring that our citizens are safeguarded against the barbaric attacks of the radical insurgents.

So what can the Government of India do to ensure that its people do not have to worry about terrorists. The solution is simple. We can't go into Pakistan and violate its sovereignity, but we can drive away the insurgents from oue own land. Its an open secret that Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) is the breeding ground for terrorist activities in India. So attack it!

If India attacks Pok then it will serve two purposes. First and foremost, all the terrorist organisation and their training camps in the area can be completely dismantled. Either kill the leaders, just as the US did or nab and bring them to justice. Second, the portion of Indian territory that the impoverished nation has captured can be claimed back and thus a permanent solution to the menace of terrorism in India can be implemented.

And once that is done, we can strengthen the border with Pakistan and ensure that no further infiltration happens. About the terror-organisations that operate from the heart of Pakistan, then let their government handle that.

It may across as too radical an option, but it certainly is a worth a debate given India's repeated demands to get back its territory as well as the continous use of that piece of land to spread anti-India propaganda.

Now, how is that for an idea to the home-minister? He might have mulled over this and weighed the options ranging from international reactions to financial repercussions, but we would certainly like to know what the Indian public feels about this. Do send in your comments to let us know if we stand alone with the idea.

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