2 Hindus killed in 3 days- Why India needs to act tough on Bangladesh right now

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In a span of three days two Hindus have been killed by Islamic extremists in Bangladesh. It is suspected that the killings may be the handiwork of the ISIS or a group which subscribes to the outfit.

On June 7, a Hindu priest was killed and today it was a Hindu Ashram worker. The killings have a pattern to it and one must not also forget that in the past secular bloggers and Christians too have been killed. There is a general message in these killings and that is Bangladesh has to move towards the law of Sharia, establish the Caliphate and make it a Muslim only country. However in these killings India has to wake up and take notice considering that there is a desperate attempt on part of the ISIS and its affiliates to spread the menace into India.


India cannot be a mute spectator:

There has been a tussle on within Bangladesh to ensure that the Sheikh Hasina regime is overthrown. She has been particularly hard on the extremists and it was expected that there would be a retaliation. India first saw this message loud and clear in Burdhwan when a bunch of operatives of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, Bangladesh were preparing bombs. These bombs were meant to be transported to Bangladesh and a series of explosions were to be carried out.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that there is no doubt that the JMB would align with the ISIS if it helps them achieve their goal of overthrowing Hasina. The ISIS on the other hand is making a desperate attempt to religiously polarise the whole of Bangladesh. The killing of Hindu religious persons is aimed at sending a very strong message to persons both in India as well as Bangladesh.

The ISIS feels that such killings would impress many in India who in turn would leave for Bangladesh. The ISIS may well be planning a major module like they have in Syria or Iraq. Moreover the ISIS had made several calls to Indian Muslims to join them either in Afghanistan or Bangladesh. Those ISIS aspirants would find it easier to join the outfit in these countries rather than travel to Syria or Iraq.

An Indian Intelligence Bureau official tells OneIndia that the situation is turning dangerous. Such killings of Hindus is bound to have an impact in India. States such as Assam or West Bengal will be extremely vulnerable if such acts go unchecked, the officer also says.

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