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Wahabis have infiltrated Chennai mosques, says letter to TN police, CM

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Chennai, June 1: A recent letter written to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J Jayalalithaa and also the state's police chief has warned about the infiltration of Wahabis and Deobandis into the managing committees of Chennai based Dargahs and Mosques.

The brief of the letter written by the Ahlus Sunnath Wal Jamaths Federation is that Wahabism and its preachers are attempting to threaten Hindu-Muslim unity in Chennai.

Wahabis have infiltrated Chennai mosques

The ISIS which adopts to the Wahabi style is no stranger to Tamil Nadu. Incidents of youth posing with ISIS t-shirts were reported from this state. Moreover the first alleged ISIS recruit from India, Haja Fakkruddin was also from Tamil Nadu.

The state has been a peaceful one where religious fundamentalism is concerned, but the letter indicates that this is a threat that should not be ignored.

Infiltrating the Mosques in Chennai

The Wahabis follow the same pattern in every place they attempt to infiltrate. They infiltrate into the managing committees of the Mosques and similar incidents have been reported in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir and Kerala

Once they make their way into the committees they promote their ideology which incidentally is followed by 34 terrorist groups across the world, the ISIS and the al-Qaeda being the main ones.

In the letter it is stated that the Madrasas and Masjids which have been constructed by followers of saints is under immense threat from Wahabis. If they continue this way then peace between the Hindus and Muslims will be under threat, the letter also notes.

The Chennai police say that they are seriously looking into this letter. An intelligence bureau official posted at Chennai says that there have been attempts by Wahabis not just in Tamil Nadu but in other parts of the country as well.

They attempt to change the thinking of the youth and tell them to be more radical in their approach. The land of Wahabis, Saudi Arabia pumps in a lot of money to send these preachers across the globe.

The easiest way for them to go about their business is to be part of the managing committee in Mosques. They either take over by force or by sheer money power. They have not been very successful in a lot of places as the moderates have retaliated hard.

However they will continue to try and the police need to be on guard. Moreover the Mosque and Madrasa authorities must report such cases to the police immediately, the officer further informed.

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