Video: This Brazilian family lives happily with 7 tigers!

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Bangalore, May 19: A family in Maringa in Brazil shares its home with seven tigers, kept as its domestic pets. The head of the family, Aryas Borges, brought two tigers to his home after seeing them in a bad state in a circus two years ago. And Ary had no prior experience dealing with tigers before that.

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The Borges have three daughters, Deusanira, 24, Uyara 23 and Nyara, 20, who share their food, bed and leisure time with the big cats. Ary Borges said he was never worried about his daughters living with the tigers. He said he told his daughters to show love and respect to the animals for only then would they reciprocate. The two younger sisters take great pleasure in feeding and swimming with the animals and have also grown special bonding with them.

However, not all in the family are happy about this tiger affair. Rafael, the husband of Uyara, said he didn't like the interaction between his wife and the tiger and also was against taking their little daughter closer to the animals. He said he wanted their daughter to be like him and keep away from the tigers.

Ary Bonges also decided to set up a 40-acre eco-park in Maringa for the tigers so that they have more space to roam about.

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