Exclusive: Kiran Bedi lashes out at Kejriwal, calls him a dharna man

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Bangalore, Jan 21: Former IPS officer Kiran Bedi on Tuesday lashed out at Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal over his continuing protest in New Delhi demanding suspension of three personnel of the Delhi Police for alleged dereliction of duty.

Speaking to Oneindia in a telephonic interview, the social activist, who recently endorsed BJP's Narendra Modi as the prime minister of India, had to say the following:

Oneindia: What do you think about the ongoing chaos in Delhi?

Kiran Bedi:
This is disastrous. Kejriwal and his party were only spreading anarchy and lawlessness. "The leadership is a bully and is exhibiting disrespect for the institutions. He (Kejriwal) calls himself an anarchist which is a worrying precedent," Bedi said.

"People should vote carefully or else leaders like Kejriwal will mislead them"

Oneindia: What would be your message to the people of Delhi after the chaos that Kejriwal's government has created in Delhi?

Kiran Bedi:
The people should be careful while voting. Don't get influenced by such provocations and false promises. Kejriwal is a good dharna activist and knows how to mobilise people. But he must know that governance is different and should know how to perform patiently.

Oneindia: But people don't know before an election about how their elected representatives would behave after getting elected. Besides, the 15-year of Congress rule was seen as a misrule and people wanted a change and Kejriwal looked a welcome alternative.

Kiran Bedi:
They should understand what is the better alternative and not get misled. The BJP was a better alternative in Delhi.

Oneindia: But the BJP has failed to impress in Delhi all these years. There were also internal issues.

Kiran Bedi: The BJP has done good in Delhi and its chief ministerial candidate Dr Harsh Vardhan is a very clean candidate.

Oneindia: How would have you reacted to this chaos in Delhi?

Kiran Bedi:
I would have registered a case of violation of law by the chief minister and his ministers should also have been booked. I think the Delhi Police was a bit soft on these people. The situation is getting out of control now. The AAP should have waited for the investigation reports before doing all these.

Oneindia: Do you think the Congress is deliberately following a wait and watch policy to let the AAP's popularity go down?

Kiran Bedi: I suspect there is an understanding between the Congress and the AAP. It is the ordinary people who are suffering.

Can we hope for an apolitical movement, may be called HUM to counter the AAP, with you yourself as the leader?

Kiran Bedi: We should not focus on new movement for the elections are here. We need to do three things now. We should make clear choices, elect a stable government and keep a watch on the elected people. We can't let the Delhi case happen in the Lok Sabha.

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