November 26: India became Sovereign Democratic Republic in 1949

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Bengaluru, Nov 26: Today is Wednesday, November 26, 2014. What happened on this day in history? Oneindia takes a look at the past:

[Nov 25: This day in history]

1688: French monarch Louis XIV declares war on the Netherlands.

1789: George Washington proclaims first National Thanksgiving Day in the USA in honour of the new constitution.

1863: First National Thanksgiving Day is celebrated.

1907 The Duma lends support to Czar in St. Petersburg after he claimed to have renounced autocracy.

1917 Bolsheviks offer an armistice between Russian and the Central Powers.

1922: Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon became the first to enter the tomb of King Tutankhamen since it was sealed in 1323 B.C.

1938 Poland renews non-aggression agreement with the erstwhile Soviet Union to protect against a German invasion.

1941: The Japanese fleet departs for launching attack on Pearl Harbor.

1949: India ceases to be a British Dominion and becomes a sovereign Democratic republic. Her constitution is adopted.

1950: China enters Korean War.

1954: India's Atomic Energy Commission begins functioning.

1957: US President Eisenhower suffers a minor stroke.


1960: First STD system of telephone (Subscriber Trunk Dialing) services begins in India (between Lucknow and Kanpur).

1979: Oil deposits equalling OPEC reserves found in Venezuela.

1982: Yasuhiro Nakasone is elected Japanese prime minister.

1983: 6,800 gold bars worth nearly £26 million stolen from Brinks-MAT warehouse at London's Heathrow Airport.

1989: India's 9th general election concludes: Congress is thrown out of power for the second time.

1998: Tony Blair becomes the first UK Prime Minister to address the Irish parliament.

Former Indian prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee receives "Honest Man of the Year" award.

2000: Republican candidate George W. Bush is declared winner of Florida's electoral votes, giving him enough electoral votes to become the American president.

2008: Mumbai city witnesses a deadly terror attack by Pakistan-backed terrorists, killing over 160 people, including foreign nationals.

2011: NATO forces in Afghanistan attack a Pakistani check-post, killing 24 soldiers.

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