Mangalyaan mission forces Sadananda Gowda to make his maiden trip to ISRO

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Blore:Sadananda Gowda first trip to ISRO
Bangalore, Sept 24: On a day when the entire nation is rejoicing the achievement by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) as the Mars Orbiter Mission Mangalyaan enters the Mars orbit, a tweet by former chief minister of Karnataka and current Union Minister, DV Sadananda Gowda has left us a little embarrassed.

Gowda, on Saturday (Sept 20) tweeded that he visited the ISRO Bangalore 'for the first time' ahead of the PM's visit to ensure that arrangements were in place. He also interacted with the scientists there and questioned them about the Mars Orbiter Mission.

But this made us think, why was this his first trip to the space center? Being the former CM of Karnataka shouldn't have he been more involved with the scientists in his own state, at least during his tenure? Or does it take the PM's visit to ensure that politicians visit such research centers.

Surely we agree, that ISRO is under the administrative control of the Dpeartment of Space, Government of India, but it is always encouraging to see heads of the state engage and encourage such endeavours which Gowda failed to do during his tenure.

In a country like ours where Bollywood and cricket are almost like a religion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi used certain metaphors in his speech and said: "When our cricket team wins a tournament and returns, the entire country rejoices. This is an achievement greater by a 1,000 times."

Though an indirect point, but a hard hitting one Modi showed us why our scientists aren't given any due. Modi even said that while he was the CM of Gujarat, he used to visit the ISRO centre in Ahmedabad many times and saw how scientists worked round the clock.

This statement by Modi can surely be an eye-opener for every leader (and not just the CM) to make sure that the scientific communities such as ISRO and scientists recevie their due.

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