Deradicalising youth: Kashmir to Kanyakumari

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Bengaluru, June 30: The Ministry of Home Affairs will implement a deradicalisation programme from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The Home Ministry has written to various departments dealing with internal security on how to go about the programme and ensure that the same is implemented at the earliest.

While India has been successful in bringing down the clamour for foreign terrorist groups such as the al-Qaeda and the ISIS, it still wants to put an end to the problem entirely.

Home Ministry officials informed OneIndia that the consultation process is on and once the plan is chalked out it would be implemented in all states in the country.


Prevention is better than cure:

The ISIS has currently shown no interest in India. However, India does not want a repeat of the Britain scenario where scores of youth have unapologetically joined the ISIS in either Iraq or Syria.

India has so far implemented various programmes to ensure that the youth who are attempting to slip out of the country to join the ISIS are caught and brought back.

India had even launched 'Operation Chakravyuh' in which youth indulging in chatter with ISIS recruiters were trapped and prevented from leaving the country.

"We have seen several such instances of youth being trapped by the IB and prevented in Hyderabad, Kolkata and also Madhya Pradesh. However, such programmes need to be intensified and we need a proper plan to do so", the Home Ministry official also pointed out.

Identifying the problem areas:

The Home Ministry has asked the Intelligence Bureau to identify the problem areas. Off late, flags of the ISIS have been waived at Kashmir. Although investigations have clearly shown that these flags were being waived by ISI paid operatives, the intelligence bureau feels that this could snow ball into a bigger problem.

The Hizbul Mujahideen at the behest of the ISI has been paying off youth to waive ISIS flags in Kashmir. It appears as though the Hizbul is giving the ISIS free publicity in Kashmir. However, if this is not curbed or prevented, the IB fears that some youth may actually take the road to Syria or Iraq. The other areas that have been identified are Madhya Pradesh and Kerala.

In Madhya Pradesh recently a man was arrested for trying to set up a module in the name of the ISIS. There was no direct link that he had with the ISIS, but he was attempting to gain some publicity by taking the name of the outfit, police had learnt.

In Kerala, the problem is slightly different. Here the ideology is being spread in a big way and incidentally, Kerala records the highest remittance of funds for this purpose. Home Ministry officials say that there has been this problem in Kerala for sometime and the best way to deal with it is curb the funding entirely.

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