"Jesus married Mary Magdalene": High time we take Rakhi Sawant seriously!

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Bangalore, Nov 13: Is it high time we take actor-turned-reality-show-host-turned-politician Rakhi Sawant seriously! She once told in an interview to a FM channel that she was desperate to play the role of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene in television serials and begged directors to offer her such roles. She also said that she was advised to play the role of Mary Magdalene more than that of Mother Mary by her friends and pastors. She choked while expressing her admiration for the character that lived 2,000 years ago.

People might have rubbished Sawant then, feeling it was one of those stunts the actor is known for.

Rakhi Sawant

But Mary Magdalene is back into discussion, this time via a recent book, "The Lost Gospel", which claimed Jesus Christ was married to the former and the couple even had two children. The Da Vinci Code authored by Dan Brown and released over a decade also highlighted the possibility of Jesus's marriage with Mary Magdalene.

Rakhi Sawant said she was desperate to play the role of Mary Magdalene

The authors of The Lost Gospel, York University (Canada) professor Barrie Wilson and documentarian Simcha Jacobovici, based their arguments on an ancient manuscript dating back nearly 1,500 years. The authors said they found it in a British library and translated the text from an Aramaic dialect into English. The duo spent six years in writing the book which has already caused a ripple in the world of Christian faith.

Returning to Rakhi Sawant, the Indian actor is certainly not alien to the Bible and all that stuff which impact a million minds and it is better the audience begins treating her with a pinch of seriousness. Isn't it?

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