Alexander Yuverich Borodai; the face of Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine

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Alexander Yuverich Borodai
Bangalore, July 22: Amidst the controversy between Ukraine and Russia and downing of Malaysian airline MH17, one name has been surfacing often- Alexander Yuverich Borodai.

Borodai, the self proclaimed prime minister of Donetsk People's Republic on July 20 claimed that the blackboxes from MH17 were under his possession; a report in The Straits Times News said (read more).

Borodai said: "We do not have aviation experts hence we cannot state what they are. We assume they are black boxes. Those parts have been delivered to Donetsk and they are under my control."

He said that he would hand over the black boxes to the International Civil Aviation Organisation once they arrive in the region.

Meanwhile he said that he did not trust the Ukrainian authorities as they may tamper the devices and prove to be a hinderance in the investigation. He even said that his men pulled out some bodies from the debris.

Who is Alexander Yuverich Borodai?

Alexander Yuverich Borodai is a self proclaimed Prime Minister of the Pro Russian rebels and is the face of separatists fighting for independence from Ukraine.

Borodai has a degree of philosophy from the Moscow State University and says that he is here to help the people. He was earlier working as a consultant for an investment fund in Moscow but now has dedicated himself to the mission of the pro-Russian rebels.

Borodai is not known to many but in Russia he's a well known figure.

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