V Balakrishnan to OneIndia: See the good things AAP did in 49 days

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Balakrishnan confident of AAP's victory
Bangalore, April 3: Contesting the Lok Sabha elections from Bangalore Central constituency, AAP candidate V Balakrishnan interacted with people today on Google Hangouts and answered a range of queries from people across the country.

Balakrishnan, who has held interactions on Google Hangouts earlier too said that 'politics was never on his mind in the first place.' "AAP was a new party that wanted a clean governance, an honest governance; that wanted to rid the country of corruption. I wanted to support the idea and thought we should all support it or else the country won't have any hope," Balakrishnan said.

On asking how confident was the AAP on winning elections again, Balakrishnan told OneIndia that 'if people voted for the AAP, we would show them what we are capable of. "I keep telling people, it is not my election it is your election. It does not matter if I win or AAP wins, it is the people who have to win," he said.

Balakrishnan: It is the people who have to win

He said that if people choose a good candidate from AAP, and AAP wins the majority the party will be able to bring some change.

When asked that the people were hesitant to vote for the AAP after the 49 day government in Delhi, Balakrishnan said that people should see what the party did in those 49 days. "We left the government in 49 days under a particuLar circumstance. See the good things what we did in 49 days and people must bring us back to power," he said.

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