Rita Bahuguna Joshi: Have orientations for men and not women

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'Women need to be empowered' says Joshi
Bangalore, Feb 8: Congress spokesperson Rita Bahuguna Joshi quoted the Atharva Veda and said: "The whole world is our motherland and we are its children," at the International Women's Conference here at the Art of Living ashram.

Joshi was one of the many speakers who spoke at the conference. Sharing words of encouragement with the participants, she said that women's movement has come a long way. "We have gained our rights and for women the sky is the limit. We don't want to limt oursleves anymore," she said.

Speaking about the atrocities committed against women Joshi said that a majority of women across the world are subjected to violence. "We have to gain strength. There is no peace, no harmony if women don't feel safe and secure. Till there are social issues and conflicts, women will continue to suffer," she said.

Joshi: 1.5 million women in the country hold elective positions

Joshi said that though there is empowerment of women in the country, the pace at which it is taking place is slow. "1.5 million women in the country hold elective positions. However the government is not implementing the provisions that will serve women," she said.

Before ending her speech she said: "Everybody says that women create problems for men. I say instead of having orientation for women for their safety, we must have orientation for men in order to change their mindset," she said.

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