Rushing with food bill on Rajiv birthday: Is it a family gift Soniaji?

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New Delhi, Aug 20: The UPA government is determined to secure the passage of its pet Food Security Bill in the Parliament in Tuesday. More so, because it happens to be the 69th birth anniversary of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Is this some kind of family function going on in the Parliament. Crucial files related to the Coalgate have gone missing, the Telangana issue refuses to die down, the economy has gone into a mess, and the top leadership of the Congress is stuck with its obsession with the food bill. Is the bill meant for the welfare of the people of the nation or a birthday gift for one of the late representatives of India's foremost political dynasty?


This is shocking politics. An inferior variety too. The government said it would try its level best to secure the bill. Is it also equally eager to address those several other issues that are making the people of the nation suffer at this moment?

Rajeev Shukla even termed it to be a historic day. Well, for the Congress people there are a number of 'historic' dates if not days (recall the birthdays of all the members of the First Family) but not a substantial reason to offer to the countrymen to cheer. In Tamil Nadu, a Congress leader was set to give cash award to babies born on the late PM's birth anniversary. Are we buying children for votes too?

The food bill, Congress president Sonia Gandhi's pet project, is causing more problems for an already paralysed Parliament. Not many people have much trust on the bill even though the UPA is pushing it hard ahead of crucial polls.

Why didn't such a bill come up when the Sonia-Manmohan duo first assumed responsibility of running the nation? At the fag end of the tenure, why suddenly the Congress felt the urgency to ensure food security for all Indians and prioritising it on the birth anniversary of the party president's late husband?

Does the food bill involve any vision of Rajiv Gandhi or it is just another effort to ignite an emotional appeal on behalf of the Gandhis?

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