Sonia's new Twitter account weaker than NaMo's cyber strategy?

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New Delhi, Aug 5:The Congress-led UPA government has finally taken cyber media seriously and has decided for an overhaul in Twitter. However, the social media campaign for the ageing UPA Government is a long and arduous one, especially when we compare it with NaMo's strategy.

The Congress party's twitter handle used to be @aicctweets, until today when the followers were requested to follow @INCIndia.

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Call it a cosmetic makeover of the twitter account of the party, but it is the twitter flow and the number of followers that are likely to decide the popularity of the page. The homepage is different now, with the @aicctweets account showing images dating back to the freedom struggle and India's independence visa vie the new one, which is more advanced and colourful, attracting the young followers (not to mention, the overdose of Party President Sonia Gandhi's picture amidst the pictures of Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh).

Designed and launched on Saturday, the twitter account also displays pictures of the party's latest developmental schemes. The first tweet, however, was a call for justice for IAS Durga Shakti Nagpal.

Nevertheless, it still needs to be understood why the party chose to rehash the website when it already had gained 2,000 followers in the old account. In fact, the new one just has 30 followers, which include PMO, Congress MPs, party spokespersons and some government departments.

Let us see if this strategy works out for the party, especially when there are strong cyber competitors like NaMo.

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