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New Delhi, July 17: So the website shuts down just about 20 hours after it opened. Guess it was way too much load for the creator of the website to handle.

The JavaScript-powered site has been removed along with all the content from the website and a statement put up in its place. taken down

"I quit. In a country with freedom of speech, I assumed that I am allowed to make decent satire on any politician more particularly if its constructive. Clearly, I was wrong," the statement says.

IBN reported that it was still not clear as to what exactly lead to the content being taken down.

There are different conspiracy theories on Twitter and Facebook. Some say that it's a Congress conspiracy to defame Modi and his supporters while others believe that Modi fans should develop a sense of humour.

"Apparently, you could make fun of only the leading party like @fakingnews with morphed pics, dirty jokes, cartoon and whatever, but dare you touch the opposition with javascript, they'll haunt (sic) you down. So, the first day was fun with 60,000 hits in 20 hours. and that's that," the statement added.

In the website before it came down, an image of a smiling Narendra Modi displaying the victory symbol the following text: "For a detailed explanation of how Mr Narendra Modi plans to run the nation if elected to the house as a Prime Minister and also for his view/perspective on 2002 riots please click the link below."

Looking at it, anybody would think that it resembled a website projecting Narendra Modi as the next prime minister of India, complete with a saffron background.

But when a user tried to click on the button to get the details, it seemed to take on the 'evasive character' that Modi's critics accuse him of being. No matter how hard the user tried, the button ran away from the mouse cursor (with the aid of JavaScript), reported IBN.

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