Modi misinterpreted, says Reuters journo who interviewed him

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Bangalore, July 13: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, whose 'puppy' and 'Hindu nationalist' remarks made during an interview to Reuters raised a storm in the Indian political circles on Friday, found an ally in Sruthi Gottipati, one of the two Reuters journalists who had taken the interview. Ross Colvin was the other interviewer.

Sruthi tweeted on Saturday, saying Modi's remarks were poorly contextualized in Saturday's newspapers and TV debates held on Friday. However, by Saturday evening her tweet was deleted. Here is the image of the tweet (see pic)


Don't feel low Sruthi. This is how India's 'secular' media functions. They will continue to feed those political minds who believe themselves to be great 'servants' of a secular nation and will go on finding all faults with a man over something which has happened over a decade ago.

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These politicians would never talk about their common adversary's feats as an administrator or the positives that he had spoken about while giving you the interview but pinpoint something related to the same old Gujarat riots. The problem with these politicians is that even they could not ensure a riot-free environment at some point of time or the other when they were or are in power but still demonise Modi.

You can take an interview of some of these leaders to see how they feel about puppies and kittens. We might get a clearer idea about what stand people take.

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