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Our good work is being tarnished: PETA hits back at critics


Bangalore, July 3: Reports have been doing rounds about People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) cruelly treating hapless animals although it is supposed to protect them. According to a report of Centre for Consumer Freedom (CCF), the PETA killed 89.4 per cent of adoptable pets at its headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, last year. A similar report has been cited by a website named www.PETAkillsanimals.com.

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The PETA, however, has has hit out at this. Poorva Joshipura, CEO, PETA India, told OneIndia that the CCF was misleading people on the issue of treating animals cruelly. She alleged that the CCF is a frontal organisation comprising businesses and industries that PETA US campaigns against for their cruelty over animals.


Citing www.sourcewatch.org, Joshipura pointed out that the CCF is run by a PR firm which works for restaurant, alcohol, tobacco and other industries and campaign against the noble work put up by doctors, scientists, health advocates, environmentalists and other groups. It also said that the CCF's advisory panel comprises people involved with restaurant, meat and alcohol industries.

"You can therefore understand why CCF has an axe to grind with PETA US which aims to stop the slaughter of animals for meat, leather and other purposes," Joshipura said.

The top PETA India official stressed the organisation's work on area shelters to deal with animal adoptions. She also defended the PETA US's euthanasia policy.

"The good work done by PETA US veterinarians to relieve suffering is being regurgitated with a vindictive spin by a front group for Philip Morris, Outback Steakhouse, KFC, cattle ranchers, and other animal exploiters that kill millions of animals every year-and which do so not out of compassion but out of greed," Joshipura said.

Niranjan Amarnath of PETASaves also aired similar views. He told OneIndia that PETA's detractors were feeling worried over the former's progress and they aim to scare people away from caring about animals by spending millions on anti-PETA propaganda. He advised the readers to visit www.ConsumerDeception.com to understand why the CCF is targetting the PETA.

Amarnath said: "PETA's caseworkers tirelessly rescue homeless animals from environmental dangers, as well as cruelty and neglect. They crawl through sewers, poke through junkyards, climb trees, and dodge traffic in order to reach animals in danger. During floods and storms, they are out saving lives at all hours. PETA even pulled many staff members from their normal jobs in their office to rush to New Orleans area after Hurricane Katrina left countless animals without homes, food, or water."

On the issue of euthanasia, Amarnath said since PETA doesn't have a traditional shelter, euthanasia becomes the most compassionate choice for animals, abused physically and psycologically.

He said PETA also provides free euthanasia services to those who have animals in critical state but can't afford to take them to a veterinary doctor. Defending the euthanasia policy, the PETA man asked whether one would like to see animals with little chance to live a healthy life continue with pain.

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