How Mulayam shattered after facing not silent but rowdy PM

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Manmohan Singh
New Delhi, March 29: Manmohan Singh has proved it once again that his critics and anti-Congress group land in trouble whenever he decides to come out of his 'silent' shell to handle crisis experienced by his government.

The latest victim is Mulayam Singh who on Friday, March 29 suddenly changed his attitude towards the ruling governmment led by Manmohan Singh. The Samajwadi Party chief is knwon as "Mr unpredictable". However, this time his sudden change in attitude amused many.

Taking a complete U-turn from his previous statement on Congress and UPA government, Mulayam said that he has no plan to withdraw his support from the Centre. Mulayam's recent statement surfaced just a day after the Prime Minister's remark that his government is ready to survive without Samajwadi Party's support.

When asked about Mulayam's earlier threat to pull out support to his government, the PM said, "It is not a once for all set-up that we are seeking by way of reforms. Reforms certainly have to take into account the fact that we don't have the majority to get the Parliament to approve some of our reform proposals."

"So we are certainly dependent on the goodwill of our allies and I would be the last one to deny that there are uncertainties. But even then, we are confident that the reforms that matter, and which are going to yield results in the next few months, we will be able to push them," added the PM.

Speaking to reporters onboard the Air India One on his flight back after the BRICS Summit in Durban (South Africa) on Thursday, Singh said, "I am confident that our government will complete full five years, the next Lok Sabha elections will take place on schedule."

Reacting on the prime minister's statement on reform and coalition government, Mulayam on Friday was quoted as saying, "Relations have not soured. I do not know on what basis the Prime Minister made these remarks."

"Right now withdrawing support has not been discussed in the party. Now there is no question of SP withdrawing support to the UPA government. Why withdraw support and make the government fall when it's a matter of just eight-nine months," said the Samajwadi Party supremo.

Mulayam is not aloone who faced the bolt over sudden change in the prime minister. Recently, the main opposition party BJP too had experienced similar kind of wrath of Manmohan Singh who always has been criticised as a "silent" and "meek" PM.

Following Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's stern criticism, Manmohan had taken a hand on the BJP during the recently held budget session of the Parliament. [Read: Why 'nightwatchman' MMS suddenly turned 'pinch-hitter']

The PM, who was called "night-watchman" of the Congress party, didn't hesitate to turn into a 'pinch-hitter' once the BJP decided to attack his government again on issues of governance.

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