Musharraf needs Kargil to survive in Pakistani politics

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New Delhi, March 28: The first task of a military minds is to fortify your position in a battle field. And that is what General Pervez Musharraf is doing by proclaiming that he was "proud of the Kargil operation". The statement is anti-India and it guarantees him protection against Taliban elements, who have threatened to kill him.

Musharraf's Kargil comment will make anti-Indian militants happy and they will surely be on his side. He could even consider them to be his private army. The General cannot afford to take both external militants (Taliban) and the internal groups, which are actively involved in subversive acts in Jammu and Kashmir.

Adnan Rasheed, a Pakistani jihadist, who escaped from prison during a Taliban jailbreak appeared in a video and threatened to assassinate Musharraf for supporting Americans against fundamentalists.

 General Pervez Musharraf

Rasheed was involved in the Dec. 14, 2003 assassination attempt against Musharraf. A member of the Pakistani Air Force, Rasheed was sentenced to death for his role in the assassination attempt. Rasheed worked for Amjad Farooqi, the Pakistani terrorist who engineered the two assassination attempts against Musharraf in December 2003 at the behest of al Qaeda.
Kargil was a momentary highpoint of Pakistani army, which has been beaten comprehensively by the Indian Army in three wars. Musharraf was the army chief when the operation was launched.

He later toppled the government of premier Nawaz Sharif and assumed power.

The former President, who returned to Pakistan on Sunday after nearly four years in self-exile, said he had not struck a deal with anyone for his homecoming.

He claimed he had returned to Pakistan in the interest of the country and the people.

Musharraf said he decided to join the US-led war against terrorism in the interest of Pakistan and the country's destiny would have been drastically different if he had not made this decision.

This how Twitterati reacted to Musharraf claim:

Raj Kumar Jha ‏@rajpadma: Parwez Musharraf prides on Kargil, despite d thrashing. He is simply an incorrigible HEHAR. No one can help such a person.

rajesh kumar ‏@pupraj: Musharraf is proud of Kargil. Treachery is the true fabric of pak army & they r proud of it.

beingRational ‏@being_rational: War is never good. being proud of a war(Kargil), shows the criminality/madness of a person. Musharaf please get ur self checked!

Akshay.K(AkI) ‏@akichamp282: Musharraf saying that he is proud of Kargil is like Vijay Mallya saying he is proud of King Fisher Airines..!#LoL!!

That Guy T ‏@The20thAlphabet: Just like Musharraf is proud of the Kargil operation, I am also proud of my marriage.

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