Modern-day Draupadi is happy to live with 5 husbands

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Dehradun, March 23: A young Indian woman is living the life of Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas, even in the 21st -century India and she has no qualms about it. Meet Rajo Verma, 21, a resident of a village near Dehradun who lives with five husbands, all of whom are brothers, in a one-room house.

According to a report published in Mail Online, Rajo, a mother of a 18-year-old son, sleeps each night with a different brother and does not know which of her husbands in the father of her child.

The arrangement might look unusual for a modern mind, but it is an old tradition in the small village for women to marry the brothers of their first husband. Roja said initially she used to feel awkward with the set-up but not anymore. She also said she never favoured one husband over another.

Roja was first married to Guddu Verma, 21, four years ago. It was an arranged marriage. Since then, she married Bajju Verma, 32, Sant Ram, 28, Gopal Verma, 26 and Dinesh Verma, 19, the other four elder and younger brothers of Guddu.

The original husband has no problem in sharing his wife with the other brothers. He said Roja remains the only official spouse and they live like one big happy family.

The practice of polyandry, in which one woman can have many husbands, has been an ancient one in India although it is now observed by a minority. The practice is mainly seen in male-dominated areas and is also believed to be a way of keeping the farming land in the family.

Although the women practising polyandry can not make out the actual father of their children, nowadays DNA testing can help in sorting out debates which can influence the question of inheritance. The practice is also welcome in areas where number of women is short than that of the men due to socio-economic reasons.

Rajo said she was expected to accept all her husbands for her own mother had also married three brothers. The modern-day Draupadi said she was happy for she felt she received more attention and love than most wives.

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