Why resolution worrying us? Afzal Guru is a Pak poll agenda

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Bangalore, March 16: Some media analysts in India are saying that the Pakistani parliament's action of passing a resolution condemning the hanging of Afzal Guru and demanding his body to be returned to his family is a surprising act. It is not expected that a democratically elected government can pass a resolution in support of a terrorist convicted in attacking another country's parliament.

Such expectation is completely out of place. If we start believing that Pakistan is now a changed country for its government has completed five years in office, the first-time ever since 1947, then there is some serious problem in our thought process.


The resolution, which was moved by Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam chief Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman, has been supported by the Pakistan parliament clearly to satisfy the extremist minds who view India as an enemy and to ensure that it pays off in the next parliamentary election due in May.

Whether democracy or dictatorship, Pak's priority is anti-Indiansim

Pakistan has only learnt to fuel its anti-Indianism through a democratic process in place of a military threat. There is no other difference in the story. It is difficult to understand why the Indian establishment is feeling agitated by Islamabad's act and passing a counter-resolution. We are behaving in the way Pakistan wants us to. Shouldn't there be some difference in the conduct of a 66-year-old democracy and a five-year-old democracy?

Why so agitated by a resolution? We should see the real threats

Unleashing terrorist attacks against India is the cornerstone of Pakistan's foreign policy and it will not deviate from its goal no matter what form of governance it has. Instead of asking Pakistan to stay away from India's internal matters, New Delhi can do something more constructive by attending the agitated Kashmiri minds. We have seen Afzal Guru's family has welcomed Pakistan's resolution. Isn't this a more bothering development than what some worthless Pakistani politicians doing in their parliament?

Pak will target India more in the coming days

New Delhi must get one thing very clear. Forces in Pakistan will target India more in the coming months to reap maximum benefits during the election. The only poll agenda in Pakistan politics can be India bashing for every other socio-economic issues there are in the ruins. No government of the day can hope to revive the shattered system and can only hope to cash in on anti-India sentiments for its survival.

The civilian government in Pakistan is so fragile and vulnerable that the judiciary, army and the militants can toy with it as they wish. In this situation, it is impossible for the civilian rulers to think about democratic ethics and ideals. As the closest neighbour, the onus is on India to defend its borders and people instead of lashing out at a defective democracy. A child born with mental inability can never think logically.

Amid complete anarchy, Pak rulers will only back the extremists

We can see how common people, journalists and military men are being ruthlessly attacked in Pakistan in recent times. An average of 10-20 people are being slaughtered every day in Pakistan and the message is clear: The fundamentalists are determined to create such a situation that the government and the army will feel helpless to control the situation when the election time eventually arrives.

The minorities, including Shias and Christians, are being targeted and the worsening economic crisis is making things ideal for democracy to collapse. Once that happens, happy days will be here for the fundamentalists again. The exit of the western forces from Afghanistan by the end of the next year will give them an opportunity to expand their sphere of influence in south Asia.

The increasing chaos and turmoil is instilling fear in the minds of the common Pakistanis and voting would become a challenge in May in the face of threats of suicide bomb attacks in crowded places.

Pak Army, police not in perfect mindset to control the decay

The army and the police have given up hope to try to calm down the situation and in this situation, the politicians, traditionally a cornered lot in the country, will feel little brave in facing the extremists' threat. Instead, they are more willing to compromise with the militants so that their own life is spared.

The army has said that Pakistan People's Party-led civilian government has to ask for help for it to intervene but the latter is not ready to do so for it feels such action could expose its weakness and cause harm to its electoral prospects. The same would go with other parties as well.

Pakistan is fighting for its own survival and the resolution on Afzal Guru is just another source of oxygen for its cornered rulers. Our concern is justified but the reason to feel concerned isn't. It is high time we get our priorities right.

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