How Narendra Modi shakes UPA, rocks Twitter in just 50 mnts

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Narendra Modi
New Delhi, March 3: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was in the limelight while delivering his 50-minute-long speech at the BJP conclave in New Delhi on Sunday, March 3.

Beginning from Gujarat development stories to Manmohan Singh-led UPA government's inability to take the nation to a better position, Modi mentioned everything in his speech.

"Nothing can save the Congress. But to save the nation, we have to stand united and present ourselves to the people," said Modi.

The Gujarat CM also asserted that the BJP has the power what UPA does not have. Speaking about the party's Prime Ministerial candidate, Modi said, "It does not matter who is the PM candidate. We don't have the right to disappoint the nation."

Modi, who is also expected to get a place at BJP's central team ahead of the crucial Lok Sabha elections, criticised Manmohan Singh while asserting that Pranab Mukherjee would have been a better PM than the present one.

Taking a dig at the Gandhi family, Modi said, "The Congress tradition is to sacrifice the interests of the country for one family. They even sacrifice the interests of the party."

"I feel if Pranab Mukherjee was the Prime Minister instead of Manmohan Singh, we would have been where we are...Pranab Mukherjee has a connect with the people, understands the problems of India...but if he succeeded, then what would happen to the family," added the CM.

Meanwhile, micro-blogging site Twitter was flooded with tweets on Modi's speech. Hash tags related to his speech such as Narendra Modi, Namo, BJP Council were trending on the top of Twitter.

Some of tweets have been mentioned below: ‏@FollowTollyview: #BJPCouncil Narendra Modi minces no words and calls spade a spade. Pranab da a better PM than inexperienced Rajiv or spineless Maunmohan.

Amitdan Gadhvi ‏@AmitdanGadhvi: All those who thought this was Namoji @ his best should prepare themselves for more Mind blowing speeches ! #BJPCouncil

ANKUR PAYASI ‏@IamAnkurMishra: @narendramodi Now We have to save the nation, we have to stand united and present ourselves to the people: Modi at #BJPCouncil" #ModiForPM

Mozam zahoor ‏@KhatarnakRambo: Now people will vote for candidate who promises to get rid of banner ads that move when u scroll down. #BJPCouncil @fakingnews

Sanjiv Kumar P ‏@_iamsanjiv_: RT @SREEHARI2001: Modi needs to see a Psychiatrist first, for his vision of seeing PranabMukherjee before MMS. #BJPCouncil

Dishant ‏@D_Misplaced1: Don't know about ability of #Modi to create jobs for his supporters,but he certainly provides Roti to many of his haters! #BJPCouncil

kartic rakhra ‏@WorkingClasZer0: "@PMOlndia: Narendra Modi : "BJP is on a mission, Cong for commission." Rahul Gandhi is probably on a vacation. #BJPCouncil" @harshvora29

Baijayant Jay Panda ‏@Panda_Jay: #Namo spch: Twitter ablaze, apprntly electrifying/fwd-looking & generous refs to ABV, Shastri & fellow BJP CMs; soon N.kumar, Naveen P :-) ?

Vidyut ‏@Vidyut: Sad truth. India has choices. Kua or Khai? RT @sujeetpillai: Haha. A speech by #NaMo is enough to make Congi sycophants nervous!

Suresh En ‏@surnell: RahulG must be wondering where is the Paper from which #NaMo is reading his Keynote Speech from. Wait Wait. Momma will come, cry & Explain

Prashant Chaudhary ‏@chyprashant: #BJPCouncil should get it straight, portraying #NaMo for PM in 2014 can get them benefited hugely. Must not worry about NItish factor.

GURPREET SINGH ‏@UDAI2211: Great #NaMo:"If you don't do anything else for the nation, just do one thing. Make India Congress-free" - Modi #BJPCouncil"

Pakhi Shukla ‏@pakhishukla21: PM Shri Vajpayee rised petrol price 5 times in 6 years bt PM Monmohan Singh rised petrol price 21 times in 9 years-#Modi @ #BJPCouncil #NaMo

Twitvention ‏@Twitvention: Will 2014 mark the 1st time in History where the "family" will be targeted directly? Lets get them to wet their pants this time. #BJPCouncil

@n!_ket shah ‏@aniketshah224: #NaMo @narendramodi's single speech is more inspiring than PM MaunMohan singh's entire life.#BJPCouncil

PROFESSOR SAHEB ‏@PROFESSORSAHEB: the Genocide of Gujarat is not a myth but a reality. So stop fooling the people, Mr Modi. ##BJPCouncil #Namo

Shekhar Verma ‏@Saffron_Shekhar: even Prime Minster post is became Nightwatchman post in UPA #BJPCouncil

Santhosh ‏@indianomad: After Shri @narendramodi brilliant speech at #BJPCouncil, CONGtards are panic striken and AAPtards are dumbstruck! Power of NaMo! #NaMo4PM

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