I was arrested only because I am a Muslim: Freed journalist

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Muthi-ur-Rahman Siddiqui
Bangalore, Feb 27: Freed scribe from Bangalore, Muthi-ur-Rahman Siddiqui who was arrested in connection with the 'Bangalore terror module' accused the police of targeting Muslims. "The investigation agencies should be sensitised towards minorities. I was arrested only because I belong to the Muslim community. If I was from any other community, I would have not been arrested, and if I was, I would have walked out in hours," Siddiqui was quoted saying.

"The way the media and the police behaved raises basic questions about their attitude toward Muslims. Muslims are often cast by them in stereotypes. This is not just about me; it is about hundreds like me who are in jails on terror charges. Muslims are not terrorists," he emphasised.

He also pointed to sections of the media who 'sensationalised' the issue to 'raise their TRP's and readership'. "I was branded as the mastermind. My character was assassinated," he rued.

He was arrested along with 12 others 6 months ago with charges of plotting to assassinate prominent Hindutva leaders and journalists. However, the National Investigation Agency gave 2 of them a clean chit as there was no evidence found against them.

However, the fight still continues until the others are released. " If I was the mastermind, then why are the others still in jail?" he questioned.

Siddiqui is yet to decide if he will sue the police over the wrong arrest. "It was more like we were kidnapped. The police did not tell us why we were being arrested. We were made to sign 30-40 blank sheets of paper, after which those were used to create fake arrest intimation," he alleged.

Along with Siddiqui 28 year old Nalband a technician was also released. " I am not sure if I will be normal again," Nalband said.

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