Let's ban iron rods to curb rape, what say India?

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New Delhi, Feb 6: Iron rod has become a dreadful symbol in India. After the horrific gangrape of a 23-year-old student in a moving bus in December during which she was brutally assaulted by an iron rod, another similar incident occurred in the national capital on Tuesday.

A 24-year-old woman was critically injured after a man inserted an iron rod into her mouth while trying to rape her, police said. The man inserted the rod when the victim tried to seek help and fled after some neighbours rushed to her help. The man was later arrested. The woman was hospitalised in a critical condition later.

The saga continues despite all the recent uproar and the continuing judicial procedure involving the criminals of December 16. What have all the candle-light march, tearful eyes, aggressive protest and counter-attacks ultimately delivered? A big zero.

If the December 16 horror and the consequent mass anger have moved the decision-makers to act on stringent laws to curb the menace called rape, it seems the publicity the incident has gained through massive media coverage has also made it a 'popular crime'. Mainstream media has kept itself glued to the coverage of the Delhi horror, which is a good thing but also at the same time, over-coverage has ensured that rape is evolving into a more appealing rather than a sensitive issue.

But can we ever move a step forward and prevent this heinous crime rather than run after the criminals? Whatever be the law, will it prevent the culprits from making ugly advances towards women? It doesn't look that the latest move by the government has created any apprehension in the minds of the perverts. They continue to see women as the same dumb objects ready to be violated.

Moreover, if the daring act still goes on unabated in the national capital, which has been under a strict vigilance ever since December 16, 2012, what is the guarantee that the modesty of women would be guarded by the law in the distant parts?

How many people will the Indian state hang every time there occurs a rape? Will there be any substantial impact seen apart from endless political and legal debate and controversy? No, because our mindsets won't change.

May be to show some work, we can ban the iron rod now!

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