Rahul, the idealistic! Can he be a politician of steel?

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New Delhi, Jan 21: Finally, Rahul Gandhi's coronation ceremony was done with great fanfare. Now, Congress has made it official that Rahul will lead the party in General Elections 2014. The newly appointed Vice-President of Congress is all set for his new innings. With his emotional and idealistic speech in Jaipur on Sunday, Jan 20, Rahul touched every Congressmen. Even he managed to impress his critics to an extent.

But, the question is: If Congress-led UPA comes to power for third consecutive time, can Rahul prove himself to be a politician of steel who can lead it at a time when the nation is facing myriad problems.

Rahul Sonia Gnadhi

His critics say, Rahul's speech was emotional and idealistic. He was dramatic too and received an equally dramatic reaction from Congress's leaders and workers, who at the last day of Chintan Shivir in Jaipur were found teary-eyed at the end of Rahul's speech.

Right from angst-ridden Indians to large-scale corruption facing the nation, Rahul raised several issues. But his reference to his father Rajiv Gandhi and grandmother Indira Gandhi  helped him score brownie points.

"Last night everyone congratulated me," Rahul said. "But last night, my mother came to my room. She sat with me and she cried. She cried because she can see that power can be a poison. And she can see it because she is not attached to it. Don't chase power for the attributes of power, but use it to empower the world."

"It is my mother's lifetime experience and my experience in eight years. We must not forget the negative aspects of power," he said.

"For me, the Congress party is now my life," he declared. "The people of India are my life and I will fight for the people of India and this party. I will fight with everything I have. I invite you to stand up and take on this fight."

An emotional Rahul went down memory lane as he spoke about his grandmother Indira Gandhi's assassination in October 1984 and how his father Rajiv Gandhi showed a "glimmer of hope" to the people. "I saw my father (Rajiv Gandhi) crying for the first time, but on the same day I saw him address the nation. There I saw a gleam of hope," he recalled.

"The Congress is made out of the DNA of Hindustan. The leaders of the Opposition don't understand it."

Rahul is ready to dedicate his life for the country. But would it prove worthwhile for the country?

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