Romney, if elected Prez, will stress Afghan transition

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Mitt Romney
Washington, Jul 25: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has said if voted to power, he will ensure that the responsibility of Afghanistan' security is successfully transferred to its own forces by the end of 2014.

"As the President of the USA, my goal will be to complete a successful transition to Afghan security by the end of 2014," Romney said in a foreign policy speech in Nevada on Tuesday, adding that he would evaluate the ground reality and seek best military advice.

Romney said it was his responsibility to ensure security of the nation and its troops and not just backing his political prospects. He also took a dig at the incumbent President, Barack Obama, saying the latter believed that anyone who was differing with his decision was in favour of an endless war.

Although Romney did not mention about Pakistan but the Republican candidate's campaign sources said he would work with Islamabad to sever ties between the insurgent forces and Pakistan's security and intelligence agencies. A fact sheet issued by Romney's campaign said that he would use US leverage to make countries like Pakistan back his mission.

The fact sheet said that Romney would ask Afghan President Hamid Karzai to cooperate with the US by removing corruption from government ranks and abide by free and fair elections and help in the fight against narcotics that instigate insurgency.

It was also said that Romney would discontinue Obama's practice of politicising decisions on troops limit and transition time-tables with regard to Afghanistan. He would call for a comprehensive full-agency to ensure successful transition of military operations two years from now. Romney would review military assistance required to secure the gains made in Afghanistan and to train the native forces so that they can protect their country's sovereignty.

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