I shielded victim from molesters: Guwahati journalist

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Guwahati Culprits
Bangalore, Jul 14: A journalist working with a Guwahati-based vernacular newspaper has recounted how he saved a young woman from the group of youths who were molesting her outside a bar in the Assamese capital on the night of Jul 9.

Mukul Kalita was on his way home from the office of 'Ajir Asom' when he saw the victim trying desperately to escape from her molesters. Since most of those present at the spot did not show any inclination to help her, she ran towards his car as it slowed down at the traffic signal. The woman was shouting "Mujhe bachao", Mukul recalled.

"I parked the car and held her hand and dialed 100. She fell on the ground and grabbed my feet asking me to save her. At that moment, I did not care about the violent mob charging towards me. They abused me, shoved me and even hit me but I was not letting them touch her anymore. She had been already stripped and I could only move around her to hide her modesty," Mukul narrated the sequence of events.

He also asked the cameraman of a local TV channel Newslive not to focus on the woman's face so as to protect her identity. However, the filming continued. Soon the police came to the spot. Mukul then handed over the woman to the cops and went home. Explaining why he had intervened, Mukul said: "I was only trying to be the human being that I am."

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