Looking at CPM workers to bring bad luck, death?

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Mamata Banerjee
Kolkata, Jun 18: The fact that Trinamool Congress workers can't see eye to eye their CPM counterparts is not a surprising piece of news. But after an earlier diktat from West Bengal Food and Supplies Minister Jyotipriya Mullick that barred Trinamool workers from talking to CPM workers or interacting with them socially, fell flat, another one on the same lines have emerged. Mullick, known for his eldritch pronouncements, has tossed up another one this time around declaring that his party cadres not even look at CPI-M workers, for it will bring bad luck and even death.

Bordering on the absurd, Mullick has been quoted as saying, "Do not look at their (CPI-M workers) faces. If they are on your left, turn right. Do not look at them, for you may fall into trouble. It will bring you bad luck. If you are heading for work and see their faces, you may end up getting crushed under the wheels of a vehicle."

This shocking diktat was made by Mullick when he was addressing an assembly in North 24 Parganas late Saturday night. If that was not all, he also asked partymen to keep a picture of Mamata Banerjee in their homes for good luck. He commented, "Always keep a picture of Mamata Banerjee at your home and look at it before going out. You will have a great day. Make it a point to look at her picture before going out."

The Ministers past comments on CPM workers had drawn flak when he said, "Don't mingle with CPI-M workers. Don't talk to them. Don't establish any marriage relations with CPI-M cadre."

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