Kerala: Neyyatinkara by-poll results - UDF's Selvaraj wins

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Neyyatinkara, Jun 15: UDF's R Selvaraj has been declared the winner in the Neyyatinkara by-poll. He has won by 6,378 votes. Celebrations have begun after the ruling UDF secured victory in a close fight. Selvaraj has commented that this victory is the people's reply to the political killings involving the LDF recently. LDF's Lawrence in the second position; while O Rajagopal from the BJP is in the third position. 

Final round of counting underway in the Neyyatinkara by-poll and Selvaraj from the UDF is emerging as the dark horse and is leading by 6,340 votes. It is now certain that Selvaraj will be the winner. Counting in 139 booths have been completed. This is a huge setback for the LDF and the developments in recent times seem to have worked against the party.

As was expected by UDF's Selvaraj, he has attained a lead of 6,340 votes, celebrations are underway in the locality. An estimated 15,000 or so votes remains to be counted and will determine the clear winner in the crucial by-polls. 

Selvaraj is continuing his winning streak and is emerging as the surprise winner. Counting in 112 booths have ended. Talking to the press, Selvaraj seem extremely confident of his win and claims that he will win with a lead of more than 6,000 votes. 

UDF's Selvaraj is leading by 4,301 votes and it seems everything is going right for the UDF at the moment in the last leaf of the counting. The latest numbers are:
Selvaraj (UDF) - 38,914
Lawrence (LDF) - 37,399
Rajagopal (BJP) - 22,045 

In a sudden swing, UDF's Selvaraj is presently leading, pushing Lawrence to the second position. Rajagopal remains in the third position. Counting in 70 booths out of the 144 have been completed. After the counting in the Neyyatinkara municipality and the Chengal panchayat, Selvaraj managed a lead of 2 votes bringing to the forefront of the race for the first time.

At the end of fourth round of counting, Lawrence leads by 1,437 votes. BJP's O Rajagopal has been pushed to the third position. The counting in 56 booths have been completed. The current position is:
Lawrence (LDF) - 16,523
Selvaraj (UDF) - 15,074
Rajagopal (BJP) - 15,074

The latest trends are:
Lawrence (LDF) - 14,685
Selvaraj (UDF) - 13,580
Rajagopal (BJP) - 13,079

The booths between 44 and 50 are crucial and could swing chances for the UDF. This could impact the chances for Selvaraj, who had shifted allegiance from the LDF recently. The counting in 46 booths have ended and Lawrence is maintaining lead by 1,105 votes.

After counting in 43 booths, Lawrence has maintained his lead by 1,252 votes. The current vote count is:
Lawrence (LDF) - 14,205
Selvaraj (UDF) - 12,953
Rajagopal (BJP) - 12,381

Counting in 41 booths of the total 144 have been completed and Lawrence has still managed to maintain his lead by 1,119 votes. The latest numbers are:
Lawrence (LDF) - 13,539
Selvaraj (UDF) - 12,360
Rajagopal (BJP) - 11,743

There only remains a 100 vote margin between the BJP and the UDF candidate making it a close call. Reports suggest that the LDF has not managed to create a buzz among voters in that area. UDF's Selvaraj has been elevated to the second position at the end of the fourth round of counting. 

Current reports suggest LDF's Lawrence bagged 9,081 votes; BJP's O Rajagopal gets 8,571 votes while UDF's Selvaraj has got 7,798 votes. Out of the 144 booths, counting in 30 booths have been completed.

Initial trends suggest that BJP's O Rajagopal is trailing in the second position, while UDF's Selvaraj is in the third position. Post counting in the first round Lawrence has secured a lead of 602 votes. An interesting development is that the BJP has managed to secure votes in LDF strongholds. 

Initial reports suggest that LDF candidate F Lawrence is leading by 591 votes.

The counting of votes in the crucial Neyyatinkara by-polls is currently underway with the people across the state eagerly awaiting the results of the polls that could decide the fate of both LDF and UDF in the state, especially in the wake of the recent turmoil Kerala had to witness in recent times. The postal votes have been counted already. The counting kicked off at 8 am.

The counting is being carried out in the Thycaud Music college. With 15 contestants in the election fray, the results are expected to be slightly delayed. The final verdict is expected to be out by 10:30 am.

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