Karuna has powers to elevate south leaders to Presidents?

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M Karunanidhi
Chennai, May 11: DMK chief M Karunanidhi has given credit to himself for elevating many personalities from the region to become Presidents. At a time when names are being floated for the Presidential race, Karunanidhi's comment comes at a most opportune time. He has termed himself one of the several southern leaders who can push certain people to the coveted post of President of India.

Karunanidhi in a statement said, "People like Dr Radhakrishnan, Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, VV Giri, R Venkataraman, Abdul Kalam and KR Narayanan from the South had occupied the post. And I have been one among the many responsible for this." This statement was given out in the wake of reports that accused the DMK and holding them responsible for changing certain traditions adopted in the election of President.

Karunanidhi added, "We all know what is DMK's strength at the national level. With that strength, we make some moves during the Presidential and Vice-President elections. It was never the case that election of Presidents and Vice-Presidents was made based on the DMK's strength alone or DMK's decision."

On being asked if the DMK government would have hiked the price of milk, bus fares and electricity tariff as done by the AIADMK if they were in power, he replied saying that his party never blamed others for the state's financial position.

On West Bengal's woes in terms of its financial burden and the repayment of a huge amount of money to the Centre amounting to Rs 2 lakh crore and Rs 22,000 crore as interest, Karunanidhi commented, "But, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has not been blaming the previous government. Instead had met the Prime Minister and sought a three year moratorium on repayment of the loans."

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