Dynamic lady Tessy Thomas, the woman behind Agni-V launch

Posted By: Ria
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New Delhi, Apr 21: With the successful launch of Agni-V, the country should know the dynamic lady Tessy Thomas who is behind the success. Tessy was one woman who not only worked in Defence Research and Development but also led the team comprising of 400 scientists for the last 20 years.

"From last 20 years, I was working for the Agni programme and now I have taken up as a project director,” she said.

Now she is popularly known as Agni putri. Tessi had joined DRDO, after completing her BTech from Thrissur, Engineering College.

"I feel she has managed it really well. Whenever work needed her she was there, whenever I needed her she was there," said Tejas, her son.

Expressing her experience working with a group of men, Tessy said, “Science is science. It doesn’t have any gender.”

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