Peace prevails in Gujarat even after post-Godhra riots

By: Ilaxi Patel
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Gujarat map
Gujarat has remained largely peaceful in the past 10 years under the regime of Chief Minister Narendra Modi. The State's progress largely owes to communal harmony and peace. Ten years ago, Gujarat literally lived in darkness. It lived in a world terrorized by violence and deceit, corruption and cunning fundamentalism and atrocity.

The years 1956-86 are unforgettable and resound in painful grief. With Shri Narendra Modi at the helm of affairs of Gujarat, the government endeavored to exorcise the ghosts of the past and forge in a new world of understanding, hope, love, brotherhood, harmony and peace. Violence, riots and curfew are words of the past. Even children today are unaware of these words as the frights of malevolence do not exist!

It is a fact that those who have read the history of Gujarat would definitely be aware that communal violence in Gujarat has a very long history. Gujarat has witnessed a series of incidents of such communal violence. As per available history, from 1714 AD to now, thousands of incidents of communal violence have been recorded in Gujarat. However, under the leadership of Shri Modi, the word ‘communal violence’ is replaced in the minds of people with addition to a new word ‘Development.’ And ‘Sauno Saath, Sauno Vikas.’

Today, the Votebank Politics has taken on forefront the evil conspiracy applied by opposition (Congress). Votebank Politics is the enemy of democracy and a rampant tactics that mar the progress of the country. Vote bank policy is a divisive politics, detrimental to democracy because this brand of politics encourages voters to vote on the basis of narrow communal considerations, often against their better judgment. Votebank politics has only divided, broken and shattered people and communities. Religion and faith is a target for a power and possession. ‘Divide and rule’ is the strategy of the Congress to reign power.

Shri Narendra Modi has encouraged only ‘Vikas – Development’ and for the Inclusive Growth, partnered people in journey of Gujarat’s development. Shri Modi has introduced ‘Politics of Development’. His vision since last ten years has been focused on development of Gujarat for the Development of India. Shri Modi says, "If anyone has brought development on the centre stage of politics and in elections, it's the people of Gujarat, who have shown that development is the only way. Vote politics has affected the development of the country."

Peace and harmony in Gujarat has propelled the Development Growth of Gujarat. After the Godhra riots, the blame game politics focused on detrimental blows harnessing the image of the state. Civic unrest was triggered, mob fury was aroused, business confidence was shaken – However, amidst all odds, Gujarat rose to glory with the support of its six crore people who exuded faith in Shri Narendra Modi and his governance. The business confidence boosted with the success of Vibrant Gujarat Summit, each year plummeting rise in Investments.

The harmony amongst people has strengthened with no difference of caste, creed or religion. Peace prevails as no fear grips in for communal divides as people have realized the path of progress is development and not at all deterred to make conflicts but strive together to seek sustainable happiness. Peace exist in Gujarat because six crore Gujaratis have realized that quality of life depends on

how well they understand and manage the economic, social and environmental challenges before them.

Gujarat and Development has become synonymous to each other.This is because of the atmosphere of peace, unity and harmony that prevails in the state, which has become a yardstick of development. The Bhagwad Gita states the advantages of rising above selfish end and Krishna says, “Work for the common good without selfish interests, the rewards of selfless work will take you to a supreme state”. This is how with the vision of Shri Narendra Modi, in Gujarat, development is guided by purity of means, non erosion of moral values and limits to self interest.

The interest lies for the people of Gujarat and its success is solely with minimum political interference but extending positivity for maximum development goals.

In Gujarat, good governance coupled with development and harmony has amplified the power of 6 crore Gujaratis. The completion of the 36 Sadbhavana fasts with over 50 lakh people from 18000 villages reflects the scale and public participation for peace and harmony. Over 4.5 lakh people including 1.5 lakh women observed fasts and gave moral support to the Sadbhavana Mission. Speed, Scale and Skill is added with the fourth ‘S’ – Sadbhavana. With peace, unity and harmony, development growth is taking Gujarat on higher grounds.

In Gujarat, Hindus and Muslims or whatever faith communities, they have underpinned the business networking, providing a social and cultural framework. Communities live in harmony and brotherhood. Inter-faith relations exists – for economy, social and cultural. Peace Prevails. And it will. Gujarat has surpassed all challenges and turned them to opportunities. People are partners in peace and development of Gujarat.

Ask any Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian or people from any walk of faith – and together in unison they have one voice ‘Peace Prevails in Gujarat’ No more shades of the past, no more hate and bickering but unity in progress with peace, harmony and co existence.

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