Pak: Rockets fired near Osama's house in Abbottabad

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Pakistan insugency
Abbottabad, Jan 27: Fresh tensions have erupted in Pakistan, when unknown assailants fired rocket propelled grenades at the military academy near Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan early Friday morning. Damages were reported with no casualties, the police confirmed. The grenade is understood to have damaged a wall of the academy, said senior local police officer Abdul Karim.

This is the first such attack in the area after the US Navy seals killed dreaded terrorist and Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden in a house in Abbottabad. Following this, there was a strain in the relationship between US and Pakistan, with the Pak side feigning innocence on the fact that Osama lived in the country for years.

With Pakistan facing Islamist militant insurgency, the threat from Iran is ever increasing with every passing day. Thursday saw 6 Pakistani traders killed by Iranian security forces at the border near the southeastern Pakistani town of Gwadar, according to the Deputy Commissioner Abdur Rehman.

The border tensions between Iran and Pakistan are at an all-time low due to Iran's negativity towards Pak's friendship with Saudi Arabia and the US. Sunni-Shi’ite tensions in Pakistan have also been a factor in the rising tensions.

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